all wrapped in bones of a setting sun

Outfit Details:
boy’s blazer (school uniform jacket) – thrifted
cotton knit top with crochet neckline – thrifted
bow belt – thrifted
vintage plaid skirt – Beacon’s Closet
tights – H&M
Blimey shoes – courtesy of Seychelles
makeup: my daily routine, as seen in previous posts.

I’m still in Florida. In fact, I haven’t booked my flight back yet – which seems to be a recurring theme with me. It isn’t Florida I miss (although sometimes I miss that, too) – it’s the people who live here. I miss my family, my friends, my wee little animals and the horses. I just wish there was a way to move the two states together and do away with those between. No offense to all of you on the East coast but you’re quite a hindrance to our proximity. Can we rectify that?

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. very cute. I am especially loving that skirt. love the change of setting for the photos, too. beautiful backdrop.

    btw if you get to figuring out how to move FL and NY together, please let me know. I need to figure out a similar situate with CA and CT. Although, in that case, we would be obliterating the entire United States, not just the poor East Coasters.

  2. Very cute! It looks like you're having a lot of fun in Florida. I'm the same way when I go home. I love visiting my friends and family, but wish there was a way I could get everyone from each state together whenever I wanted. They need to invent teleporting ASAP to fix our problems.

  3. I adore this outfit, I especially love the shoes!

    I am located about an hour from FL in Georgia and it has been so cold here lately! It is simply not fair!

    Have a wonderful time dear!

  4. you are such an inspiration to me!!! i really love it that you dress very feminine all the time!! i also love that you're no cookie cutter skinny woman and you really dress up according to your style and not merely following trends. you're awesome!!! 😀

  5. The weather in florida has been nice right? so unexpected… i love that i can layer and actually wear my boots…the funny thing is I plan to move to NY in a year…so we'd be in the same boat

  6. Oh! I know what you mean. I'm going to miss my family so much when I leave New York. I wish I had eagle wings or a super jet pack so I could see them whenever I wanted and not have my heart crack in a million pieces everytime we part! Enjoy all the time you have in your pretty lace collar shirt :))