My Clown, Let Me Love You.

Outfit Details:
vintage ruffled blouse – courtesy of The Vintage Mistress
altered dress – thrifted (altered to fit, hemmed)
belt – thrifted
tights – Target
“Blimey” shoes (living in these…so comfy) – courtesy of Seychelles

This is the second time I wore this outfit, since I didn’t really bring a whole lot of clothing with me (and I’ve ended up staying longer than intended). Both times, I felt like a circus clown – maybe a little bit of a princess clown. It makes me think of The Bird and the Bee’s song “My Love.” It’s a little silly but definitely a happy outfit. The first day I wore it, I was a sad clown. This day, happy clown. It all balanced out. I guess sometimes it’s okay to recycle outfits.

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. That dress is adorably pink, consistent with your feminine style– I love it! I also love love love the title of this post, I love Bird and the Bee! πŸ™‚ Little things like that make my day.

  2. It's so adorable! I can't believe that dress is thrifted because it really looks so much like something you would design :)I guess it was a great find!!

  3. ohhhhhh cuuuute! I guess I missed the dress the first time- I don't remember it! Makes me feel better about doubling up on my own blog! Love the background too…the flowers/plants going on there are beautiful.. I know it's beside the point but I can't help myself. Cute dress, cute look!!!

  4. i love this look
    super chic, very adorable
    love the pink on you
    thanks for sharing as always
    i really love your blog, keep it up!


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