I get an insane amount of requests for more outfit pictures of Bobby, but really, he’s mostly a jeans and shirt kind of guy. He works full time, so while he enjoys dressing up, he spends most of his downtime in basics from H&M and American Apparel. PacSun sent over a few pieces for him to try out, so he played dress up and we took some pictures.

I think he needs the next size up in the jeans, but he loved the shirt and cardigan. When I told him PacSun was sending some samples, I think he was expecting something completely out of his range of taste – maybe board shorts and a trucker cap? While they may cater to a certain subculture, it was such a pleasant surprise to open up a box of understated, comfy basics that really suit his style. They definitely paid attention to his personal taste.

Outfit Details:
cardigan, shirt and jeans: courtesy of PacSun
coat: Robert Geller
scarf: Gap
shoes: Urban Outfitters

-Keiko Lynn

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  1. Can you explain why companies do this? I've noticed the "on loan" thing a fair amount – once a blogger has used/worn something, why expect them to send it back? & you are giving PR to them…it's kind of confusing to me!

  2. Verhext:
    I've only done it twice – once for Tweetmybag and once for PacSun. I don't make it a habit for the exact reason that you stated, but I love the people behind Tweetmybag and PacSun was a big sponsor of the Weardrobe conference last year. I am more inclined to help out/feature companies I'm actually fond of.

  3. His shoes are rather amazing. And not many guys actually can pull off the casual look and make it look nice. And Laura Gerencser is right; Ohio's terrible in the fashion department.

  4. boys always look cute in scarves.

    random; the tattoo that he has on his left arm i had a print of up in my room as a kid, and i always thought she looked like my mom. any idea on who the artist is?