Love and Marriage.

I’m channeling my inner Peggy Bundy. Can’t you tell? I think next time I’ll have to make my hair bigger (can someone please teach me?) and I’ll need a bit more of a waist cincher, in order to do her justice. I’ve worn this Rodarte for Target dress twice now, but this is the first time I’ve taken a picture. The first time I wore it, I was freezing in St. Augustine – it was 30 degrees and I didn’t even have tights on. I was in Florida; I didn’t know it would ever be 30 degrees!

This time, I was smarter and wore the thickest tights I could find (they’re warmer than pants, boys…several have asked me this) and also paired it with a coat and gloves (when I was outside). I was still freezing; I’m always freezing. My teeth chatter if the temperature drops below 75. Florida born and bred.

I took out the new Nikki bag that Rebecca Minkoff and Tweet My Bag messengered to me and I have to admit, it made me nervous. I don’t have a lot of “nice” things. Therefore, I don’t mind that I’m extremely clumsy and spill stuff, drop things and generally make a mess of myself on a daily basis. However, when carrying this Rebecca Minkoff bag, I found myself being extremely careful. Is that what you kids do with nice things? Or do you eventually get used to having them and let them get the usual wear and tear?

If you want to own one of these pretty, very nice bags (it has birdie lining!), join Tweet My Bag and upload a photo of yourself with your favorite bag (any bag). You’ll automatically get a code for 25% off select Rebecca Minkoff bags and be entered to win a free one! They’ll be giving away a new one each week, so start taking and posting your pictures now.

I’m looking forward to seeing how some of our other favorite bloggers’ (The Glamourai, Cali Vintage and Fashion Pirate are among the lucky gals!) looks with their respective bags. I’ll be retweeting their looks as they go up, so if you don’t already have me added on twitter, follow me now!

Outfit Details:
Rodarte for Target leopard dress – Target
tights – TJ Maxx
belt – thrifted
shoes – Payless (by the way, boys hate these shoes but I don’t care.)
Rebecca Minkoff Nikki bag – on loan from Rebecca Minkoff and Tweet My Bag

Makeup Details:
brows: brow pencil and MAC Espresso shadow
eyes: MAC Bare Canvas Paint all over lid, MAC blacktrack fluidline, stiletto lash mascara (gift from Tessa!)
face: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Refined (cheeks)
lips: MAC Viva Glam

-Keiko Lynn

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  1. I immediately thought of her cooking with the cigarette and long ash dangling from her mouth. Love this!

    I'm the same way with nicer things, which is probably why I have so few of them!

  2. oh la la, you're a hottie! i am so sad (and think I may be the only one) who didn't get anything from the rodarte for target line – everything looked crazy on me! this dress is perfect on you and the bow belt adds a touch of the girly sweetness you rock so well

  3. chicfaced (Megan):
    I really didn't expect to get anything but I went with my friends just to have a look. The dresses were all so cute but I have to have sleeves. I tried this on just because, and my friends talked me into buying it. I almost returned it! But I really like it.

  4. I tried on that same dress but I couldn't get over the itchiness of the fabric. It's an awesome dress, though. You wear it well. Do you still live in FL? I'm right down the beach from St. Augustine in PVB and while I love love love warm sunny beach days, I'm optimizing my time in this unusual cold weather to layer layer layer everything in my closet.


  5. That bag is DIVINE! And having it on loan would make me nervous, too.

    Have you messed around with Bumpits at all to add hair volume? Not the giant, obvious ones but the smaller sizes. I've been experimenting with them and think they can add height and volume without being too fake-y! Especially if you're doing waves.

  6. Hello.
    I love your dress, you're so beautiful! Not just here, but in all your pictures! speaking of which-what camera do you use? the pictures you post are always such good quality.
    x yasmin

  7. That dress is pretty awesome, and I love the bag too! You must have been in Florida during that bizarre cold spell. That was the coldest I can ever remember Florida being.

  8. Ahaha, my family used to watch that show a lot. You look great!

    Yes, I'm very careful with my more expensive, nice items. Don't want to ruin them~ Bit then sometimes there are accidents, or the thing gets old and "devalues".

    There were some pretty things in that Rodarte collection, but I didn't get anything–nothing I really fell head over heels for, plus I've been trying hard to save money. I think one of my favorite things was the bikini!

  9. Never thought somebody referencing Peg Bundy as their fashion inspiration could be a good thing…but this is so cute! And I love how you said "boys don't like these shoes." It's endearing that you continue to call them "boys" like you're in highschool; you seem like such a sweet girl and when I read posts where you're down it makes me so sad, even though I don't know you. I hope seeing your friend and the pandas cheered you up sufficiently. πŸ™‚

  10. Do you have to give the bag back?! That is sad. You should be able to keep it because it looks so cute with your leopard dress!

    I bought a Treesje bag recently and at first was careful and now do things like throw it on the floor of the Goodwill changing room, which is basically the most vile thing one could do. It's grey, at least. I'm terrible at keeping myself looking nice. Urchin!

  11. Ooh you look amazing!! Love this look on you πŸ™‚ Hope things are looking up for you, I've been really behind on blog readings and have just caught up now! Love love those grey high waisted pants too. Just followed you on twitter – I'm on too jenniferlauren3.

  12. I love this dress, I actually just bought it last night because all Rodarte things were on sale!
    & yeah it is hard to believe Florida gets so cold, but it does! Although the weather is bi-polar. St.Augustine gets really cold because of the river which is unfortunate because it is such a nice place to go, I love it!


  13. jeez, your makeup is absolutely flawless! i mean it always is but it really looks perfecto here! i love this whole look! you make the peggy bundy look very classy!
    oh, you gotta do the back comb/teasing with hairspray…lots of it for big big hair. i know this, i'm an 80s girl! haha

  14. bigger hair: YES (would love to you rock that)
    cinchier waist: NO (as my mom would say: "EFF that noise!"

    love the crazy cheetah print! It's so cute the way you've styled it, and the dramatic red lips totally work!

  15. First of all, thanks everyone!

    Nathalie: Yes! Her and those bon bons. haha I'm so glad everyone remembers that show.

    Tiffany: Bummer! I don't find mine to be itchy. I guess maybe the arms are a little stiff, but the rest is lined. It softens after washing. But no, I live in New York. I just visit Florida a lot:)

    Ollie: You should see how many times I trip and/or fall. Hahaha. But these shoes are actually really easy to walk in! It's because of the platform.

    Sal: I bought bumpits! haha the infomercials are so bad, I had to get them. I got them for $5 on ebay. I actually used the medium ones throughout summer, from time to time, but then I forgot. I need to find them! Thanks for the reminder.

    Anon: Nikon D50, 1.8f 50mm nikkor lens. Thanks!

    Diana: Yes! I brought the New York weather with me. It was ridiculous.

    Charmalade: Oh my gosh, you are absolutely right! This is definitely more like The Nanny!

    Alya: Thank you so much. You are so sweet. I suppose I do have a bit of a high school mentality when it comes to boys (there I go again). Haha, I still think I'm a kid.

    Verhext: Sadly, it's just on loan! But it has been fun playing dress up:)

    Kayrah: I really need to do more makeup posts…I always forget. The secret is in two things: MAC fluidline and the bent eyeliner brush from Sonia Kashuk. It makes it SO easy.

    Shablog: The Nikki bag is available on the website. If you upload a picture of you and a purse (any bag will do) to tweetmybag.com, it will automatically give you a code for 25% your purchase!

    Unspeakable thoughts: Viva Glam is darker, richer. Russian Red is super matte and a true red – brighter. They are both awesome. But Viva is a little less intense, if that's what you're looking for. Plus, proceeds go to AIDS research.

    myownlittleuniverse: Thank you! I know, I need to perfect my back combing! I love big hair. I'm also a child of the 80s and I remember my aunt teasing and crimping my hair, then putting on a Debbie Gibson hat. I thought I was so awesome.

  16. i LOVE big hair too. i can achieve moderate big hair with upside down blow-drying and hairspray, but it doesnt last long! πŸ™

    i also love the peggy bundy reference! yes!

  17. You look absolutely lovely! I just stumbled across your blog today and reading through some of the past entries, I have come to the conclusion that you are smart, pretty and very very talented. πŸ™‚

    Lovely dress!

  18. You look fantastic! I love how you did your makeup – I'm not big on wearing a lot of makeup, myself, but I adore that 60's vibe you have going on πŸ™‚

  19. You look great!!!

    I find it kind of funny that I can't handle anything ABOVE 75, hahaha. It's already -19C (-2F) with the windchill this morning and I'm thinking dress and tights too! I'm Canadian born and bred πŸ˜›

  20. i love this on you! this dress frightened me online, but the way that you styled it is so darling that i wish i had bought it!!! i am ultra terrified with the rebecca minkoff bag that they sent to me as well, but have managed to keep it in tip top shape!