One of the most popular requests I receive is to post pictures of our tattoos. I rarely show them, considering I don’t even wear bikinis, let alone scandalous belly shirts. However, I decided to take some pictures and show you. Just one of mine (I only have two) and several (but not all…not even close) of Bobby’s. I didn’t photograph my other tattoo because it’s a really lame one. Since Peter will surely call me out and tell you all what it says, I’ll beat him to the punch. It says “she wakes up lonely” and yes, it’s on my lower back. I know. Really, I know.

Mine. The geisha is an original piece of art, specifically intended for this tattoo, by André Greppi. The tattoo was done at Chrome Lotus in Orlando, by Brian (he’s no longer there). I don’t have a heart wrenching or deep story behind this; I just wanted to get a geisha and I knew I wanted it to be a little more modern, less traditional. I’m 1/4 Japanese…does that count? Nah, I just knew that’s what I wanted.

Bobby’s arm – clearly unfinished. He has bad luck with tattoo artists leaving him with unfinished pieces. One day, he’ll get it finished.

A horrible picture of his left forearm – a depiction of the Rosemond watercolor we have hanging in Kim’s room.

His feet (he has ribbing marks from his socks, haha).

Another unfinished piece.

O Captain, my captain. Whitman, not Every Time I Die – but I always think, “O captain, my captain, you’ve been drinking – what happened? I’ve been slurring my cadences and blacking out when I stand.”

So, now you know. Do you have any tattoos? Link me to pictures!

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. Betsey:
    Joe did Bobby's chest, the Rosemond one on his forearm, his feet and several others. He is Bobby's favorite but he's not there anymore. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure he gave it up and got into makeup!

  2. love your tattoo keiko, and Bobby's tattoos as well—
    I saw you in Glamour Magazine yesterday when it arrived in the mail! You were looking CUTE!



  3. I have a total of three…some Kanji and two red and black nautical stars…eventually I'll have a koi half sleeve, but I need the money first so I don't have an unfinished piece…

    Love the geisha! Perhaps I should work a geisha into my sleeve…hmmm…

    As always, wonderful blog!

  4. Keiko, You and bobby have some of the most beautiful, artistic and creative tattoos I have ever seen. And the best thing about both of you is all your tattoos are so detailed, it must have taken forever and only god knows how much that hurt. I just want to get a small one on my back but getting chickened out each time at the prospect of the pain.

    Also hopefully will get more pics when Bobby's ones get finished.

    Take care.


  5. I love love your geisha, the colour is amazing!!! I have a few…3 that turned into one. I really want to get a colour piece, now that I see yours it makes me want it even more.
    I have a 4th, a heart on my wrist. Its an expensive little hobby…
    I don't have pictures because I don't really take pictures of them.

  6. I don't have any tattoos, but I would get one if I had a purpose and intent behind it. I really really love how you and Bobby have matching Japanese-themed torso tattoos.

    All this tattoo talk reminds me of that one saying that goes like: the only different between tattooed people and non-tattooed people is that tattooed people won't judge you for not having a tattoo. 😀


  7. wow…these are really amazing tat's. i have been thinking about one for a long time now but still have not decided on the image (probably something involving my son)….thanks for posting this!


  8. i dont have any pics really taken of my tattoo. which i should. and yes i have 3 tattoes on my lower back aka tramp stamp! LOL but i do love it and its also an unfinished story. i need to finish it…

  9. I LOVE your tattoo. In fact, I just called my boyfriend over to look at it. I have 5 of my own but always wanted something on my side. Your boyfriend has cool tats too 🙂


  10. All very good pieces! I go to Carmine at First Class in West Long Branch, NJ. I have yet to get a really good picture of my sleeve or any of my pieces, but once I do, I'm sure I'll strike back up my blog again just to talk about it. The ribs are a killer spot! I'm working on a piece, probably about that big as well there.

  11. I love you Geisha tattoo! My husband and I met in a tattoo shop. So when he met my mom, he told her I had one. My mom was ready to flip. He has five tatoos. He is currently starting a sleeve on his right arm. His most recent is Michaelangelo's David, but he has to go back to fill in his hair.

    I just looked through my blog and noticed that I don't have any good pics of his tattoos so it may just be a future blog post.

  12. Okay. I just wanted to be the first person to say, thank you! Thank you for the eye candy picture of Bobby! LOL! 😉 You both are gorgeous and your tattoos are stunning!

  13. I love the great wave tattoo on his foot! You really got a great taste for tattoos (since I've seen a lot and therefor a lot HORRIBLE ones :P)
    I don't have any tattoos yet but I just turned 18 and I want to make the right desisions 😛

  14. These are some wonderful pieces of art! The geisha was a very good choice and it suits you perfectly :3

    I'm a total tattoo fan myself though I don't have that much yet.


    This picture shows part of my phoenix tattoo on my left arm and the one around my wrist which says "Compassion". (Just ignore my stupid facial expression :D) I also have another one on my right shoulder blade.

    I'm wondering if thinking about getting another one done?

  15. I was pretty surprised to see how big your tattoo was but it looks great! I think Geisha's are so pretty. (:

    Bobby's tattoos suit him! They're great, I love sleeve tattoos.

    I don't have any tattoos yet, but I want to get a small one that says 08-15-02: ZKG it was the day that my brother and i moved in with my dad, pretty important time in my life.

    I also want to get my brother's name tattooed on my wrist or somewhere else. He has a pretty cool and unique name, and he means a lot to me. 😀

    Love this post. (:

  16. wow, your geisha is beautiful! the colors are so sharp & vivid! no one would have ever guessed you had such a HUGE tattoo on your side! tattoos in & of themselves don't mean much to me, it's more WHERE i get them. the last tattoo i got was when i went to tokyo…


    it's a crappy photo of sakura on my right hip/abdomen. looking at it always makes me think of the fun i had in japan 🙂

  17. WOW i remember that etid album from a long long long time ago. i used to have this little set of buttons that said "HOT" and "DAMN!" that i wore side-by-side on my messenger bag. had no idea you were a fan!

  18. hello as a gay man i can`t say what i like more your tattos ore your man ,-)
    realy cute both
    i`ve got 8 tattos only little ones.
    want a koi with lotus flowers and cherry blossoms, i know not really manlike 😉
    have a nice day

    greets from germany

  19. Wow! I had no idea you even had a tattoo! Your rib tatt is gorgeous, and all of Bobby's tattoos are great too.

    I've got three:

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v248/sapphiresphinx/P1030169.jpg (It's been touched up since then, I think that was right after it first healed – red ink doesn't like me for some reason)

    http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3004/2946088670_67784d7e8f.jpg (the other two are on the back of my legs, so one picture for both!) < you might like those 🙂

    Mine are all kind of dorky. I'm in the planning stages (going to go put down the deposit in a week or so) for my back piece, which will be pretty epic if I do say so myself and is all Norse mythology themed. My right upper arm is most likely going to be a Coraline half-sleeve and I still haven't decided what to do with my other arm. I have ideas for several tattoos but haven't figured out *quite* where I want them at…

    Oh, I wrote this a while ago about tattoos – you might like it!


  20. oh my goodness, yours is gigantic! did it hurt a lot?

    I have a fairly small one and it didn't hurt at all. but I went to the pharmacy and used numbing cream before hand, which apparently most people don't do…so I wonder if I'd be able to handle it without the cream!

    also, love the one on Bobby's feet!

  21. I like that you don't have story for your Geisha tattoo. Though I think sentimental meaning is nice and all, I don't think every tattoo needs to be a reminder or dedication to something. Sometimes it's just a pretty piece of ink and there is nothing wrong with that. I want to get my fave paintings on me so I can enjoy them at all times haha.

  22. I love your tattoo! I had seen if a couple years ago…I think on livejournal. Bobby's tattoos are really cool too.

    I currently do not have any tattoos…my boyfriend has two. A dragon on one shoulder and a Japanese style tiger on the other(so they can be covered up with a t-shirt and he can still look professional when he needs to).

  23. Wow, you and Bobby have great tattoos! I only have a tiny one on my hip. It's not really worth sharing. haha I don't even have a photo of it and I've had it a year and half.
    I'm trying to convince myself I need an awesome tattoo, but I'm such a wuss–mostly because I'm worried about how it will look if I gain weight or something (thinking of one on my side, like yours). But then I think that no one has to see it if I don't want them too (and probably they won't unless I wear a bikini), but then I wonder what the point is if it can't be seen, and on and on. blah!
    But in any case, very nice. And I love the colors on Bobby's arm. When he gets it finished you should post more photos!

  24. I LOVE your tattoo! I really want a rib piece, but tattoos are so expensive I end up putting it off every time I think about getting another one. I have a small guitar on my lower back in memory of my boyfriend that died 3 years ago. I wish I had gotten a bigger piece, because it looks insignificantly small compared to my other one now 🙁 I can't seem to find a good picture of it. I will probably end up adding to it. Here's a picture of my newest tattoo, my cupcake!

  25. The tattoo on your side is AMAZING!! I would never have the balls to get one that big.

    I have 4, and since one is on my lower back I too feel you on that. I never show it to people, and rarely say I have one. Ohhhhhhhhh I wish I could undo it lol!

  26. This is such a great post! I went and did the same, I have about 25 tattoos. I think Im one of the few bloggers Ive seen that has a lot of tattoos, if there are more out there find me!! lol. I love your geisha and all of Bobbys tattoos are great, I wish I could see the one on the left side of his stomach, I have a flash tattoo in the same place. His wave on the foot is fantastic as well, he's done a great job picking out really good tattoos. His chest is well put together! Get more tattoos!!

    If you want to check mine out! I just did a whole post on them!

  27. Oh man! My sister just has a small tattoo on her foot and said it hurt terribly, Bobby's looks like it would have been incredibly painful! But so worth it, right?! 🙂 I have one tattoo that isn't finished yet. It's the J.R.R. Tolkien symbol and it's right in the middle middle of my back. It's really faded though, and I always forget its there because I can't see it. Haha. Do you want more tattoos?

  28. I love these tattoos! The geisha one is really cool.
    It's weird, I found Bobby on lookbook and I've just started reading your blog (religiously, I might add) and then I see these photos and I'm like..what the hell..AWW
    yeah, that is all.

  29. love the tattoo- considered getting a geisha one time myself. still might. my husband has ten and is getting more, i have two and plan on more. very addicting 🙂 here is mine:
    i got it after my father passed away. i drew and designed it myself and my tattooist copied it. i'm itching to get another soon, but can't decide what i want! love all of bobby's tats as well 🙂

  30. Absolutely beautiful!! I just found your blog for the first time- you are stunning! I love your style. I have 5 tattoos which inadvertently appear on my blog regularly! They're not as hidden as that one…except the one I have on my lower back, too!! Oh well, it really is a good spot, just hackneyed.


  31. I absolutely love this post. I think I love tattoos almost as much as fashion, even though I have yet to get one! But thanks for combining the two; this is just another reason why I love your blog!

  32. I just wanted to tell you all that I spent forever looking through everyone's tattoos and it was a lot of fun! So many of you have tattoos and I never would have guessed…sometimes I forget that most of you had never even seen mine:) They're fun little surprises.

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