Cleaning Out My Closet – Sale!

I’m trying to get rid of things (and make some extra money to make up for my sick time), so I listed fifteen things (to start) from my own closet. Please check it out – they’re up in their own section (under Keiko’s Closet) on Postlapsaria. Scroll to the bottom to see everything. I also put some of the handmade stuff on sale, so check that out as well!

Lots more at the site…please take a look:)

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. i LOVE the red dirndl- actually, as i first saw it in one of your posts, i spent hours on ebay to find something like that. i would love to buy it, but unfortunately i'm broke for the rest of the month. well, who knows..maybe..if it's still there on monday, i might grab it.