Unicorn Dreams

Remember when I first spotted these shoes and almost died on the spot? They have a unicorn horn for a heel; it’s like they were made for me. Well, I’m a very lucky girl because Modcloth sent them to me right before the IFB Evolving Influence conference, along with this cute little dress and these gloves I’ve been wearing nonstop. I did what I always do with new things: I wore them all at once. I used to do that the first week of school – I would wear all of my new school clothes within the first week and then I’d have nothing but old clothes left until laundry day. Come to think of it, I also do that with groceries. I guess I’m impatient and gluttonous.

Outfit Details:
dress, gloves and unicorn heels: courtesy of Modcloth
Reworked teal jacket: thrifted
bow belt: thrifted
bow necklace: gift from Mascara or Motor Oil
reworked vintage rhinestone and chain necklace: courtesy of Corvus Noir
tights: Target

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. I do the exact same thing! In high school, when my friend and I would go shopping, she would always save her purchases for weeks before wearing them and I would get so excited that I would plan a party for the very same night just so I could wear all of my new clothes and shoes and accessories! I love every part of this outfit–the gloves and the unicorn heels (they also look like multicolored lollipops you can get at a candy shop on boardwalk after you've licked the lollipop into a fine point!) and the dress. Everything is divine.

    xo Jenny

  2. the dress and cardigan complement each other perfectly….and I love those shoes. Such great colors and florals for spring. I love how you've belted the cardigan in an unexpected way…..same trend we've seen, but done a bit differently. very cute look!

  3. I do the same thing with everything lol food, clothes, toys, anything. I think its the excitement of having something its almost like Christmas every time I get something new lol You look beautiful I love the bright contrast of the teal jacket with the flowery print dress.

  4. I don't really have a special connection with unicorns or heels for that matter, but– eeee I knew these shoes were magical the moment I saw them! They're so unique! It's not like you see a freakin' unicorn heel everyday.

    And they're sooo made for you! Lame for me to say, but they really are! I always wondered though, if they were comfortable. Are they? Either way, you look so lovely (and I used to do that too, I'd plan out a special outfit first day of school with new items). 🙂

    Toast with Charmalade

  5. Mmm. That dress is amazing.

    I do the same thing with groceries. I get all excited and want to eat everything at once. Probably because I wait till the cupboards are completely bare before going to the market, and when they are full again, I don't know what to do with myself.

  6. I always "save" my new clothes. I'm trying to get better about it bc I keep finding beautiful and new stuff hidden in the back of my closet. Love the unicorn heels!

  7. besides when I'm planning an outfit for an event, I do the same thing! wear everything at once, because it's just exciting to me. but dude. I love this entire ensemble! it's awesome.

  8. The unicorn heels are so beautiful! I'm sure they're magical and you can run anywhere you want with those shoes. If I had a pair of my own (oh, how I wish I did!) I would dress up in all my newest and prettiest clothes and go to New York to let my little unicorns say hello to their friends on your feet, while I would admire the rest of your outfit. You always look like you've taken the newest and most beautiful pieces out of your wardrobe, but somehow it looks like that every day!

  9. this dress has such a great shape

    btw, just discovered your blog finally. I love it, you have a such a great sense of style and a pretty smile. looking forward to seeing more. would you like to trade links?

  10. Oh yes, how could we forget those fabulous shoes? I'm dying for a pair myself. And I always wear my new stuff all at once, too… can't help it! My mom always teased me that my new clothing purchases could barely make it out of the bag before they'd be upon my person. 🙂

  11. I just bought a cute bow necklace kind of like that one! Those shoes are so adorable. They are so perfect on you!
    I've been thinking I need some little gloves, both you and Rebecca have them and I really like em!

  12. Wow I love the shoes they are very unique, also I love how you have a glove on with your outfit. I would never think to do that. You just inspired me to do something that just out the box. thanks.

  13. I'm completely in love with this entire outfit!! beautiful colors, adorable clever shoes, and the cutest gloves in the world. i wish i had money to buy modcloth things!