Pretty Paisley – ModCloth Spring Fever Challenge Week Three

It’s week three of the ModCloth Spring Fever Blogger Challenge! This week, we were asked to style the Paisley Panache Scarf. I didn’t have much on hand, so I did another skirt-as-dress outfit. I wouldn’t normally pair those shoes with the outfit but I have managed to ruin three pairs of shoes (including the ones in these pictures, actually…the heel on one of them broke). Slim pickings when you’re living out of a suitcase. But did you notice I’m not wearing sleeves? That is a huge deal for me. HUGE.

Check out the ModLife blog to see how each of us (Krystal, Tieka, Aya, and I) styled the scarf. Please let us know whose style is your favorite by voting for your favorite look!

Outfit Details:

Paisley Panache Scarf – courtesy of ModCloth
dress – skirt, thrifted
belt – thrifted
shoes – Alice & Olivia for Payless
bag – borrowed from Hourglass Consignment, my mom’s store
cuff – courtesy of LOFT and Lucky Mag
kitty – Aqua

Love love and kitty kisses,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. Thank you, Tessa, for taking all of my pictures and being such a good sport!

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  1. So pretty and perfect for spring! I never would have thought to pair this gorgeous scarf with a gold dress, but it's amazing together! And with the navy bag, I mean… πŸ™‚

  2. I absolutely love your styling. The yellow skirt as dress is so gorgeous. And I am surprised, not because you are wearing sleeveless but because why don;t you usually. You have the most pristine, snow white arms I have ever seen. :)I personally would have done anything for them.


  3. All four of you are lovely ladies (duh, I say that politely), but I definitely voted for you this week because I'm a huge sucker for bright colors that play off of each other– aka your outfit! It's wonderful to me that you paired bright sunshine yellow with a more subdued purple. And pshhh you were worried about your arms this whole time? They're so cute, so pale and whatnot (haha, like mine).

    But your best accessory may be your cat. πŸ˜€

    Toast with Charmalade

  4. The skirt works well as a mini dress, I love the golden yellow with the scarf. Usually I avoid longer skirts in thrift stores but will be on the lookout for some to wear as dresses this summer.

  5. hey lovely, i should really leaving comments more often, but i had to take a moment today to tell you that you look awesome. the vivid colors are great. i totes voted for you. πŸ˜‰

  6. I love the colors in this, and I like that the scarf kind of hides the strapless-ness of the dress! And in regards to your tweet about people commenting on your weight, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. You don't need to be any smaller or bigger, you are lovely just the way you are!

  7. Your outfit is adorable with pops of bright colour! I rikey!

    Why don't you like wearing sleeveless tops/ dresses? Your shoulders + arms look nice in these photos πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Keiko, I just found your blog this morning through ModCloth, (love that site!). I don't actually know you but when i saw your face it looked so familiar- (this is going to sound creepy, but i swear it's not!) i realized I had your picture saved on my computer since AGES ago when I had MySpace in High School. i saved your photo when i ran across your clothing page on MySpace bc i loved your haircut! I took it to the salon with me about 6 years ago! funny world. You had much longer hair back then, but the short style suits you too. I have long black hair and I'm Asian and Floridian too! Love your blog, your style and your talent.

  9. Hi Keiko! I'll just HAVE to ask- how did you do that hairdo? You look gorgeous as ever. And you should not be afraid to show off your arms. Really.

  10. I am totally going to have to agree with everyone else here and say you look fabulous! The color combination is perfect and it's so vibrant. You look just gorgeous!!!

    p.s. Kitty is a perfect accessory!

  11. I feel like your blog is turning more into advertisement, it makes me a little sad:( I still adore you and your style, but a little disappointed in the direction it's going. No biggie.

  12. Hi Keiko,

    Just love that yellow dress, just such a happy colour don't you think? I've got a cardigan in the same colour.

    Love your style by the way – very inspirational πŸ™‚