Exclusive Postlapsaria Sale on Closetista.com

Postlapsaria has teamed up with Closetista.com, a live video fashion and shopping channel online from the team behind Tweet My Style. Closetisa mixes unique promotional video with live sales and editorial interviews of the designers.

I will be the first designer featured for the launch, which is this Thursday at 12 noon (EST). During the live broadcast, we will be offering five different Postlapsaria garments at largely discounted prices, all on a made to order basis. No size will be left behind! After the one hour sale, the featured items will be available for a limited time at a lesser (but still substantial) discount.

Hope you all tune in! Please forgive me if I have a froggy voice on the day of…I barely have a voice at all right now!

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. Squee! I've been wanting a Postlapsaria design since your shop was on Livejournal, but I never seem to have enough cash lying around. I'm pretty stoked about this.