How Embarrassing!

Though Tessa is probably relieved to be, well, relieved from her duties as my photographer – I have been missing her and her skills. It was kind of nice to just hand the camera to her and not have to rely on my tripod and [poorly hidden] remote all the time. Plus, we had a lot of fun goofing around and being awesome. It’s my duty as her older sister to embarrass her as much as possible. It’s something that comes naturally to me, but luckily she’s a good sport about it. Although, I do recall her looking over at me and saying, “You should be on that show ‘Disaster Date!'” which can only mean one thing…she’s secretly in cahoots with Peter. I can’t even remember what I was doing at that point, but I’m sure it was something awesome.

Outfit Details:
schoolboy blazer – thrifted
sweater – thrifted
jeans – courtesy of IndiDenim, though I altered them into skinny jeans
heels – cheap and uncomfortable (sorry mom, I know you spent a lot of money on these feet)
sunglasses – courtesy of Coach

In other news, since the horses were a hit (and how could they not be?), I decided to add some gratuitous kitty pictures. Meet my number one kitty, Puppy*. He’s a Polydactyl (or Hemingway, if you prefer), and he’s going to be 21 this year. He is the coolest cat on the planet – even people who hate cats love Puppy. Maybe it has something to do with his name?

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

*I named him Puppy. It was inspired by a book, “A Dog Called Kitty” – anyone remember that?

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  1. keiko! i often feel like we are aligned in mind (although i rarely comment) but i couldn't hesitate. a dog called kitty was my favorite book ever for a very long time.

    also, i just get it. i wanted to name my first dog cake or cupcake. however, my mom won out and named him woody πŸ™‚ i now enjoy the luxury of naming my own pets: currently Pepinot the schnauzer is licking my face as I write this.

  2. My first cat was a black & white tuxedo kitty named Tommy. He was awesome, my dad always said "Tommy's a dog. He has to be a dog because I don't like cats." He'd say that as Tommy laid on the couch on top of him purring away. Your cat is adorable and reminds me so much of Tommy! πŸ™‚

  3. Yay, kitties! We have a lot of stray cats from living out in the middle of nowhere and somewhere along the line they all started having six toes. And then there is the anomaly of Zampe, our cat who has seven on one paw and nine on another. Sounds unbelievable but it happened…though most of them are very tiny and half way up her leg with useless claws. Definitely a talking point. πŸ™‚

  4. omg i didn't realize the essential man was YOUR peter!!! i had been following him on tumblr and was totally in love with his posts haha. it's a small small internet world afterall!

  5. He even looks like a puppy! I want a pet kitty but sadly the boyfriend is allergic. So i am assuming we'll see more posts back in Brooklyn?

  6. I often use a tripod and a poorly hidden remote too. I hate when you get such a great shot that shows that remote. haha. Great shoot. I think you are so adorable all the time in your shoots. I don't know how you have time to read all your comments and blog and do your shop, etc. Must get tiring!

  7. The cat is adorable!

    I just have to say Keiko that not only do I think you dress well, but you have to be the prettiest blogger out there. I am extremely jealous of your hair and your thin beautiful pins…okay I sound creepy.
    Really though you are beautiful.

  8. 21?! Wow, that's incredible! I'm not a big cat person, but that is one sweet-looking kitty.

    The heels may be cheap and uncomfortable, but I assure you, they are cute! Haha πŸ™‚

    – Laura, owleyesblog.blogspot.com

    …well maybe it's not quite exciting enough to warrant caps lock, but I've never actually met anyone else who's read "a dog called kitty." too funny!

  10. thats so funny! i have a kitty named Puppy as well, she's the sweetest. And as for embarrassing our younger siblings, it's our duty as the first born.

    with love,
    Betty Noir

  11. I had to leave a comment when I saw you mentioned A Dog Called Kitty. What a blast from the past! I remember the ending made me so, so sad, I had to get rid of the book. Even looking at the cover broke my heart! Haha. You look beautiful as always. I love your latest outfit post, too. I know it's hard to ease into shorter skirts/slightly more revealing outfits, but you look stunning!

  12. woow..I love the outfit!!<33
    very very pretty!

    I have a question: were these pictures of you taken in new york?:D