Remember Me, Fondly

Outfit Details:
white shirt: H&M
sequin skirt: reconstructed from a thrifted dress
belt: thrifted, or maybe it’s from my mom
shoes: Calvin Klein, from Beacon’s Closet
bag: courtesy of Coach

I’m rather happy that I salvaged this skirt from a dowdy old dress; it has long since been one of my favorites. I’m not really one for big costume changes (probably because I’m not really one for fabulous outings), so I will wear my beads and sequins whether it’s day or night. In this case, I dressed it down – if you can call it that – with a plain white t-shirt and minimal accessories. I’ll just call that a happy accident, since we all know I’m scarcely a master of accessorizing, anyway. Except when it comes to bruises. I am so good at pairing my outfits with bruises.

A few people have asked about my shoes, in person. You may or may not have noticed the faded white marks on my shoes, which are deliberately kept in place. In our last days together, Rowdy (my horse) and I did many fluid treatments, and I gave him countless doses of various medicines. Whenever he gestured to his stomach (which usually indicates colic), I would give him a dose of Milk of Magnesia, of which several drops would end up all over my shoes. I’m certain it’s macabre by most standards, but for now, I still can’t bear to wash them off. I have a tendency to hold onto the strangest things. I just don’t want to forget.

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. I am in love with this outfit, the skirt in particular. I'm envious of your tailoring skills.

    I don't think you should clean off your shoes. Not until you're ready. I say hang on to those strangest of things tightly.

  2. that skirt is exquisite. i wish i could sew like you because i would never had to purchase any clothes, or at least would rarely have to. also, i'm not very familiar with what happened with your horse but i hope he's in a better place now.

  3. That skirt is gorgeous- what a fantastic idea!

    I wouldn't have washed it off, either. I had pet chickens, and when they passed, I kept feathers I found in my room from when I'd let them loose, or found some outside from where they'd sleep. I did paintings and poetry about it- stories even. I was a kid for those occasions when my two pets passed on, but I don't think it would've been much different at this age had I lost them.

    hugs. <3

  4. aaww i think you're adorable! πŸ˜€
    that skirt is beyond stunning!!! the sequins and the scalloped hemline are such gorgeous details! πŸ˜€

  5. Your skirt is the coolest skirt I have ever seen! And I dont find the milk of magnesia stains macabre at all, its actually very sweet


  6. I love the texturedness of the skirt next to the smoothness of your top!

    Whatever works for you is a good thing. Sometimes we need the echoes of times and places and loved ones to remind us that while they aren't here anymore, they can't be really gone either. Their lovely presences are still in the world. I don't care if it's a horse or a dog or a person, the same is true (and really, sometimes animals are much better friends and positive forces in our lives than lots of people!)

    I hope those white marks on your shoes will soon make you smile more than they make you sad.

  7. the skirt is beautiful – i think i like it even more worn in such a casual way. I think beautiful things should be worn to pieces not saved and worn only once!

  8. i abosolutely LOVE that skirt. It's amazing that you made that from a dress, all that beading must have been difficult to work with. It kinda reminds me of my prom dress too (except mine was red). I found it at a thrift store and because of all the beading the alterations cost more than the dress itself did.

  9. You are so talented! That skirt is so beautiful. I tried to turn a dress into a top the other week and in the end me and the sewing machine had a fight =(
    You look stunning. That outfit is perfect.

  10. i don't think it's macabre at all, i think it's sweet. when my horse cody passed away – i was about twelve – i looked after him for a full day and a night in an old tshirt and trousers. after he died, i just packed the clothes away and didn't wash or wear them again. i probably still have them, somewhere.

    it's a legitimate way of mourning/remembering a loved one πŸ™‚

  11. love the skirt and shoes!!! they are the perfect clogs!

    where has Bobby been? I miss seeing the guys fashion every once in a awhile.

  12. The skirt is beautiful— it looks like the scales of some lovely exotic fish— and you styled it perfectly. I can understand being sentimental, especially when it comes to the passing of someone you love, it's a very sweet tribute.