Tippy Toes

Though a nice change for my pigeon toed feeties, it’s almost like I’ve forgotten how to wear flats. I find myself standing on my tippy toes every now and then.

Outfit Details:
lace top: thrifted
skirt: H&M, via Beacon’s Closet
flats: courtesy of BC Footwear
vintage bag: gift from my mom’s best friend, Dawn
vintage rings and necklace: gifts from my mom

Love love and tippy toe compromises,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. Upload any picture to tweet my style for a chance to win a pair of BC shoes! It goes until the 28th and the winner will be picked at random.

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  1. Love this. That skirt is so great.

    I know how you feel, I go up stairs on my tip toes when I wear anything up heels. And I always realize it at some point and shake my head at myself.

  2. adore the pleaded skirt and lace blouse! you look wonderful(you always do ;3) and i want your necklace and ring set! they're gorgeous pieces!

  3. keiko, you are priceless. how do you get it so right all the time?? your hair, makeup, that wicker travel case, jewelry (i especially adore the necklace). the necklace looks especially good against your lacey white top. i lust for pleated a-line skirts and yours is in such a fun-loving length and the color is an unusual and unique shade. your leather flats are so pristine and buttery soft looking too. thanks for the inspiration. you make us tres jolie!

  4. seriously every time I see you I think "beauty fades style is forever" not saying that you are aging or anything lol but your style is so classic, chic and it seems to come so naturally its amazing!

    That's funny that you tip toe when you are not wearing heels I always wondered that

  5. Love that top. American Apparel are doing a similar one – I looked at it for ages last night but wasn't sure. Tomorrow it will be mine! xx
    PS Hi from Glasgow, Scotland!