What you’re wearing is so right (it’s so tight).

I was really hesitant to even post these, because I do think I missed the mark on this one. A little too tight, a little too short. Body-con is right! I felt so self-conscious that after seeing the photos, I took a trip upstairs to change into a more suitable outfit. I got a couple of immature remarks, which didn’t help. But a big thank you to the kind lady who said I was “pretty as hell” – that made me smile:)
I bought this skirt at a thrift store (it was only $1!) and I figured I would give it a go. I’m trying to be more comfortable with my body and let go of the silly hangups I have. I just don’t know if this was the proper route…maybe I should take baby steps? I’m the kind of girl who won’t even wear a bikini to the beach, for crying out loud. Yet here I am pretending I’m Kelly Bundy, when I’m clearly more of a Kelly Kapowski*.

*In my dreams.
Outfit Details:
shirt – H&M
skirt – thrifted
shoes – dots
bandaids – hello kitty, courtesy of these shoes (I’ve broken them in since then)
lipstick – MAC Pink Poodle
Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. I agree with the lady on the street, you are rocking that skirt! I also really admire your move to be more comfortable in your own skin, we should all do more of that.

  2. Ummm, basically you look PERFECT?

    It's hard to wear things like this, there's just too much culturally and socially wrapped up in the icon of a tiny black mini – yes, Kelly Bundy, etc.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You look freaking amazing! I'm a double zero and I couldn't even look this good in that outfit. You are beautiful!

  4. Wow. I'm with that lady on the street too.

    I definitely get where you're coming from though and agree with Verhext's comment. I've finally let most my hang-ups go (by the time I hit 30 it was pretty much it's now or never!) but my progress definitely gets derailed now and then.

    And I gotta say you are absolutely stunning.


  5. girl, you're trippin. you look amazing, you have no reason to be self conscious in this outfit. you are young, have a great figure, and really are "pretty as hell", so enjoy it because when you look back at these photos when you're older, you're gonna wonder why you didn't wear stuff like this more often!
    if i had legs like yours i'd wear skirts like that all the time! hell, i DON'T have legs like yours and i wear skirts like that all the time, hahaha.

  6. Well, at least you have a smokin hot bod, and I say that with all due respect. That said, Being hot doesn't necessarily mean that you "owe" it to somebody to showcase it in a way that makes you uncomfortable! It's only fun if you're having fun.

  7. ummm, i concur. you look awesome. but i can also see why you might be uncomfortable because i can only imagine how many more unwanted comments you would get wearing that out. probably better wearing it for your boyfriend later! than again, i could just be a prude!

  8. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT, you shouldn't have changed this looks AWESOME. however I do get what you mean, that looks like one of those american-apparely skirts where you take a step and a skirt that was a good length is suddenly up around your waist

  9. Anonymous says:

    Your figure is definitely to drop dead for gorgeous, so whether it's too tight or just not suitable I know no such thing. Seriously, you are flawless. Don't let anyone tell you any different! I promise. <3


  10. damn girl, look at those stems! you do look "pretty as hell" but I can see what you mean by bein' a little self conscious in this one (even though you have no reason to be). it's a very different look for you, and even though it is very body-con, it's still classy with the drapey top and your hair pulled up.

    you look gorgeous tho, maybe more appropriate for a night out than a day running around. kudos for stepping outside your safety zone though!

    with love,
    Betty Noir

  11. ittybittykitty says:

    You look awesome but I can relate about the hangups. Even at my thinnest there are things I never wore because I thought I couldn't pull it off. I look back I always think "I should of worn it!" (white vintage capris in 96 when I was 17 come to mind). Rock it girl!

  12. i can see why you would be uncomfortable, and i totally understand what you're saying… because i'm the same way about my body. BUT… you look absolutely incredible! you are gorgeous, dear, and holy hell your legs look amazing! πŸ˜‰

  13. you have a great body!
    don't ever tell yourself you don't!
    you look gorgeous in whatever you wear,
    and you work any skirt no matter how tight!


  14. You're undoubtedly stunning from head to toe in this outfit Keiko! I'm surprised you only received one compliment! i agree with that kind lady, you are pretty as hell and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise πŸ™‚

  15. (Laughs) Oh, Keiko!

    You even look self-conscious in these photos! That's the most self-aware I think we've ever seen you.

    I think you offset the outfit correctly, however. Loose on the top, tight on the bottom. Maybe try that skirt with something blue and royal?? Thanks for being brave.

  16. oh my goodness, you look stunning. the second photo is soooo gorgeous. seriously. you have no reason to feel self concious- although i understand because i do that too- and i wont wear a bikini either. anyways, the lady was right. youre super pretty.

  17. I think one size bigger and two inches longer would be better. Not to say that this isn't beautiful, but I can see what you mean. The seams are puckering on the skirt a little and I think a size up would solve that plus you'd feel comfortable in public and sexy. I like the idea of a chunky bangle or bracelet with this outfit.

  18. I think we all have these crazy idea of how we look and are perceived. You my darling are stunning and have an amazing figure. Show it off now while you're young and stylish!
    Love your makeup, especially pink poodle, one of my faves!

  19. I will echo the sentiments of your other commenters in saying you have nothing at all to worry about. You're basically the best looking person alive, and you're rocking the hell out of the skirt. It looks amazing with the top. However, I understand where you're coming from. When you're not used to wearing something, it doesn't matter how good you look in it. Maybe when it gets cold again you could try it out with some tights. πŸ˜€

  20. You look fabulous!!!
    I love this outfit, so neutral so it makes your lips pop. Your skin tone looks so good with that 'shade of nude' and I love that you are showing off your amazing figure.

    Honestly, fuck people with comments like that. You are one of THE prettiest WOMEN I know. This is perfect.

  21. you are STUNNING. i think that skirt looks perfect on you, seriously! you have the body to rock it πŸ™‚ don't let any remarks put you down

    xo tiffany

  22. Well I think you look absolutely gorgeous!! oh and I was at Joann's the other day and I totally saw the Stitch Nation by Debbie Stoller book that you modeled for and I was like I know who she is!! really awesome ^.^

  23. pretty, simple, sleek
    ooh, it would look so cool with dark retro makeup.
    It's a different look, but I like πŸ™‚
    The skirt is short, but the proportions look so RIGHT

  24. Poor Keiko; I personally think you're pretty as hell AND heaven and everywhere in between, but if you're not confident in it, then that's not cool.

    But you know what IS really cool? That you'd say that you're a Kelly Kapowski. And oh, I also don't wear bikinis. Covered midriffs– unite? x)

    Toast with Charmalade

  25. Anonymous says:

    Gosh, first thing I thought was I wish I had such a nice body!

    I wouldn't feel worried at all! And immature remarks are stupid and silly, you always get some douche bag who says something like that..

    PLUS! I actually love the nude colours together! If I could, I'd totally try that outfit πŸ™‚

  26. I'm with the lady on the street and all the other people here – you look fabulous and you shouldn't worry about anything! (:

    But I know what you're talking about. I'm also trying to be more comfortable with my body and tried to wear some nice tight, short, sexy clothing so many times. But then again I feel not confident enough to really wear it and change in the end…

    Anyways, you we're very brave and this encourages me to be as well! Thank you!

  27. You are so pretty and have a wonderful body! Really, you are totally pulling that outfit of, you don't need to feel self-conscious about yourself. But I do understand what it is like to feel uncomfortable in certain outfits, one just has to get used to it πŸ™‚

  28. Sofia (nibblah) says:

    I think you look gorgeous! The skirt looks really flattering on you and I adore the lips! Such a lovely color πŸ™‚

  29. You are stunning naturally and you look even more gorgeous in this outfit! Don't let stupid comments get you down. You have a gorgeous body and sense of style! One every girl is jealous of.

  30. You see Keiko, you are "pretty as hell" so you totally class up the outfit with your own pretty self. I am enjoying seeing you in neutrals. πŸ™‚

  31. you have a great figure, you can totally pull off this look. but i understand about feeling self-concious and wanted to err on the side of covering up, but you should go for it – you look great!

  32. i know that it's not necessarily 'you' cause you usually don't wear tight skirts like that but girl, you've got a WICKED body so you have absolutley NOTHING to be 'hung up' about…i know this is a little forward but you've got a great butt so WHY NOT show it off with something tight? i don't think it's too short or too tight, it's just not what you're used to! anyway keiko, you look amazing!! also…i adore those shoes!!

  33. You look very pretty Keiko. It is not your usual style, but it is a new side of you and suits you just as well. I know you have a lot of consciousness about your body but will you believe me when I say you have one of the most gorgeous female figures I have ever seen.

  34. You look absolutely gorgeous!! You can definitely wear this look, if you want to. But you should wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. You're lovely regardless.

  35. Anonymous says:

    You are SO PRETTY. I want u to know that the first thing I was thinking when I first saw these pictures was that I seriously would have KILLED to have those legs and that waist. Your bodyshape is amaizing! Honestly. You go girl! πŸ™‚

    (don't know if my English is understandable, but whatever.)

  36. you look amazing! you totally have the body for it! sometimes I feel weird wearing a short skirt AND heels so I do skirt and cute flats which does help =)!

  37. Don't know if I would have gone with shoes that high, but there's nothing wrong with your outfit!
    It seems comfortable and casual. You're young, go ahead and be sexy and enjoy your body. Dudes are always going to be immature creeps no matter what you wear, seriously!
    I think you are one of the prettiest girls on the blog circuit, you have a unique style and look, and you are always yourself. But everyone needs to take their time to find a way to be comfortable with what they see in the mirror and how they feel in their own skin. I'm glad you're getting there!


  38. You look amazing, but if you don't feel comfortable you don't feel amazing. I know the feeling – sometimes I try things on that I think look great on me but they're too out of my comfort zone for me to have the confidence to pull it off. But your legs look awesome!

  39. i think it looks cute, though it may have worked better (and been less uncomfortable) with a large belt at the top of the skirt, or with the shirt untucked over top of the skirt.

  40. I am wearing an outfit that is extremely similar to that. My little black skirt is a staple in my wardrobe and I don't think it's too scandalous at all! You look beautiful. πŸ™‚


  41. This is personally making me feel a little self conscious because I wear outfits like that all the time and am a little bigger than you. You're a thin, young, beautiful girl and if you can't wear outfits like that now then when can you? I genuinely hope you know how beautiful you are because it would be an absolute waste if you didn't.

  42. are you mad ? you look stunning .. no way is this inappropriate .. it is sexy but its not like over the top if i saw you on the street i wouldn't think it was so much skin

  43. Anonymous says:

    I actually think this outfit looks better than most you choose to show us. It looks sophisticated, not trashy. You shouldn't have changed.

  44. First of all, that lady was right. you are pretty as hell. And second, you have a fantastic ass! Sorry if that's inappropriate but its true! I think that a lot of the times we are our own worst critic. T

    his is simple and classy and it works for you. I love it. πŸ™‚

  45. I think it's beautiful and very classy. Try and do baby steps, maybe? Or just jump in the deep in and get over those fears? Either way good luck!

  46. Anonymous says:

    You look beautiful in that skirt! I absolutely love it. I hope one day you'll be able to wear it out all day.

    By the way, where is Bobby? I miss seeing him around your blog!

  47. Oh.My.God.
    You look absolutely AMAZING in that outfit.The hair and the shoes really gives the skirt a sophisticated feeling to it.
    I think I would be happy for the rest of my life if I could have your legs!
    /A swedish blogreader

  48. Hello Keiko! I've been an avid reader of your blog for quite some time now (why I'm only commenting now, well, I don't really know? lol)

    You look absolutely smashing in that outfit! A lot of people won't be able to get away with that outfit, but you look… just really classy! πŸ™‚

    Have a nice day! <3

  49. You look incredible! The second photo is just.. WOW. πŸ™‚ You can definitely rock a high-waisted body con skirt!

    I'm gonna echo the sentiment of a commenter above. Where's Bobby? He hasn't made an appearance here in ages!

  50. You have a killer body and you shouldn't feel self conscious in this outfit at all! Your billowy top helps balance the sexiness of the skirt.

  51. I think that skirt looks amazing on you! You've got a great figure for pieces like this – and it looks just right not immodest or too tight at all. I know exactly what you mean about "hangups" though – we've all got ours (i'm terrified of showing even the littlest bit of cleavage). As for immature comments – jackasses are jackasses – i always see it as a backhanded compliment.

  52. Thanks everyone, for all of the supportive comments!

    Shannon – I agree, a little longer and a little bigger would have been better. Maybe I'll try again when I find a proper fitting skirt!

    To those who asked about Bobby: I was in Florida for about a month and a half, which is why he hasn't been on here. And why Kim hasn't been on here, either (she is bothered by that). I'll make sure to post more pictures.

  53. You look absolutely stunning!! I agree that the loose top balances very well with the skirt! But I totally understand about the body hang ups! I know we all have those. But I say wear what makes you feel beautiful, and who cares what anyone else thinks! You rock! πŸ™‚


  54. I agree, you are pretty as hell but I totally understand how it sometimes feels strange to put on a certain outfit that you're not used to or might not be comfortable in and have to walk around the whole day in it. What if you tried something like this outfit with flats or sandals instead first so the height and leg length doesn't feel so aggressive? Then move onto the heels once you feel 100% about it!

  55. wow!!!! this is so simple and yet gorgeous!!!! i love the contrast of the loose top and tight skirt!!! plus your heels are totally to die for! πŸ˜€

  56. Hey keiko,

    My labtop has been in the repair shop for a while and haven't been able to check on your blog.Today I finally checked in, I do have to say you lost a heck of a lot of weight! But to me you always look great! (okay i promise i didn't intend for that to rhyme)

  57. Your face is beautiful and you have a bangin' body. I know how it feels to have the weight of being self-conscious on your shoulders. But please don't, you are a gorgeous girl with great style.

  58. Hello Keiko!
    First of all, i wanted to tell you that your blog, i mean, you are so inspiring.Now, about this outfit…i think that lady was right!You look amazing, yet different from the style i'm used to seeing on your blog.Nevertheless, you should try making those baby steps…as i will try doing mine when it comes to personal style rather than blending in the crowd.
    Have a llovely week!

  59. You really look beautiful here!
    You shouldn't bother about what other people say as long as you feel good in your clothes!
    But I do understand the feeling of not being comfortable in the clothes I'm wearing (especially when wearing short skirts/dresses)! πŸ˜‰
    But really – you shouldn't worry at all because you look stunning! And you should definitely give it a go again! πŸ™‚

  60. You definitely look gorgeous! And yes, the skirt is uber-tight. But you paired it with such demure shoes and that lovely floaty top that it really works.

    Given how you were uncomfortable in this outfit you might perhaps try baby steps as you thought and slowly work your way up to a skirt like this!

  61. I have to say upon first seeing these pictures I was a little shocked because I'm so used to you wearing such homely but lovely clothing..but you look amazing! It's funny cause so many other girls wear that type of outfit all the time and I don't see it as .. scandalous, or whatever haha.. but with you, like I said, it's out of the ordinary. Nevertheless, you look incredible! And it's nice to change it up sometimes πŸ™‚

  62. isn't it crazy how we can never really see ourselves as others do. i don't see a single flaw on you, and i think the outfit is just adorable! with that said i'm sure you have trouble seeing yourself that way. we've been trained to see the negatives and it's tough tough work to let that go!

  63. that outfit looks spectacular on you!!!

    do you exercise or work out, or anything?!

    i would love to know, so I can motivate myself to pull a skirt like that off!

  64. You are honestly almost so pretty that it makes me mad. Hence the immature remarks, I guess.

    Seriously, though you are that totally crazy mix of fabulous and adorable. Amazing!

  65. it works! (and obviously i'm not the only one who thinks so.) i don't always love every little thing you wear but you always look just a drop-dead gorgeous little tornado of sweetness and light. so there.

  66. Sorry this is a bit late! I know how you feel. Often I'm not so confident about what I'm wearing and how it looks on my body,etc. I wish I didn't do that! And you certainly shouldn't! Great for you, I'm glad you're working on it! Because this outfit is absolutley GORGEOUS, and you hardly look scandalous. Being comfortable's overrated.