Hey, New Yorkers!

Kim and I will be selling our goods at Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. Come out and see us! Click the photo for more info:)

p.s. Closetista.com is offering one more day of heavily discounted Postlapsaria items! Everything is made to order, available in any size. Take advantage, because everything goes back to normal prices after that.

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  1. is that the city part or the rural part? I live twenty minutes outside of NYC in NJ, but I will be out of commission this weekend or perhaps I'd try to find a way to go. happy selling!!

  2. Wish one had been living in N.Y.!

    Still that won´t stop me from nomination you for the:


    Hope you´ll have a great weekend and get a lot of stuff sold, and… that you will take you time to do a little telling about yourself and pass this nomination on to your favorite bloggers as well! 😉

    You´ll find the nomination on my blog: http://ashopaholicisloose.blogspot.com

    BIG HUG from
    Hanne alias "A Shopaholic is loose…"