Nine Five Four

Our back to back, Sears-portrait-style photo

K for Keiko and Kimbly.

Take two girls raised in The Sunshine State and anything below eighty degrees will give them the shivers. When Kim checked the weather and said it would be in the low seventies, we both opted for tights and I, for a lightweight jacket. WRONG. It was in the high eighties within an hour. Weather widget, you are a trickster.

We spent Saturday the way I prefer to spend most of them: at the Brooklyn Flea, eating delicious local food and browsing vintage bric-a-brac and antiquities. Afterward, the two of us wandered around our neighborhood and peeked into some of the cute little boutiques Park Slope has to offer. I only bought one thing, but Kim picked up several little gems, which she will eventually post on her blog, along with more pictures from the day (and of her outfit).

Outfit Details:
Merrylegs skirt in two-step – Postlapsaria (I don’t have white in stock right now, but I’ll have a limited run of periwinkle on the site this week)
blue camisole – thrifted
tights – Target
Blimeys – courtesy of Seychelles
Finally Friday Blazer – courtesy of ModCloth
bag (which the cats just freaking ruined) – courtesy of Coach

Visit Kimberly Grace to see what Kim is wearing! I’ll make her update it as soon as she gets home from work:) Edit: She updated, yay!

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. My cats are ruining my life. Not only did they shatter my mirror, but I just came home and found that one of the cats clawed my purse (the one pictured). It’s my favorite and I’ll never be able to afford to replace it:( About one second after that discovery, Lacy threw up at my sewing station. They are lucky they are so cute.

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  1. My animals ruin our lives on a regular basis, so I feel your pain. We washed our lovely white sheets last night, and today we discovered a giant, smeared cat poop stain across them. I also step in vomit at least once a week. But you're right, they're so damn cute.

  2. first, love your skirt, shirt, shoes, uhm everything!

    second, My cat ruins everything too! It is beyond frustrating. You are not alone 🙂

    xo Lynzy


  3. Boooo, cats. I have one cat thankfully (but am contemplating another…), but he's already a handful. I'm a dog person BY FAR. I'm also allergic to cats, but my boyfriend got him before I moved in. 🙁

    On another note, I love your ensemble! It's adorable. I especially love the skirt.

  4. I love the volume of that tulip skirt and such a great color combo!

    Cats are cute but annoying little creatures. Our little Gus was a puker.

  5. Tights in 70-degree weather?? Well, 80-degrees, as it turned out. But still, what gumption! But you two look fabulous (I love your skirt and how Kimberly's skirt matches her hair!).

    I'm sorry to hear about the ruined purse! Grrrr… treacherous adorableness strikes again.

    Toast with Charmalade

  6. Tights in June – what were you thinking?! I'll only forgive you because I love your outfit. I'm going to have to stalk the skirt when it comes up on your website!

  7. every single piece of this combination is perfect to me. Maybe I would change the shoes for black platform sandals, but your shoes are also nice here. The layered skirt is gorgeous. I loke the shape of the blacer and the lace application on your top. Colors are beautiful. And I love your hairstyle.

  8. Oh dear, I am sorry about your purse! I LOVE all the different layers on your skirt! Pretty detail at the top of your blouse. I love that blazer too! I've been in search for a really good one..

  9. oh that skirt is so cute! i am gutted for your bag, what a shame 🙁 my dog once chewed up a bottle of my foundation all over my sheepskin rug 🙁 devastated i was.

  10. My cat was peeing on everything (leather boots, gym bag, leather boots again) until she all of a sudden trained herself to pee down the shower drain. She is truly a freak of nature.

    Fun post!

  11. I feel you on the kitties – mine has become obsessed with pleather. She likes to crawl into all of my bags and chew and carry around my shoes like she's a dog!
    Best of luck with keeping your cute kitties in line.

  12. They ruined a Coach bag!? OMG. Have them de-clawed immediately!!

    That blue camisole is lovely pope of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit. Although that skirt, if I may, is totally, totally amazing! I love it so much.

    I'm sorry about your cats. I'm more of a dog person. He doesn't ruin clothes or shoes. Just his own toys. And sometimes pillows.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  13. I LOVE your blog and your store. My dream is to own something from it and this is no exception. Cute outfit and I am sorry about the purse): It's adorable!
    I do not know how bad the damage is, but maybe you will be able to use it?

  14. nogreatillusion says:

    Just stumbled upon this blog and felt compelled to comment (which never happens). I can't decide which I love more – your skirt or your hair. So beyond perfect, both of them.

  15. trickster weather widgets + designer clawin' felines

    [cue sad face]

    but despite at all, you got a winning smile + an adorable skirt!

    somehow it all evens out 😉


  16. An ex bought me a special edition Coach purse which my little boy clawed the bottom of. Luckily I can still use. He's so deviant though- just now I spilled the gnocchi I was about to cook because he screamed at me so loud it startled me.