Well, Hot and Heavy, Pumpkin Pie

These pictures made me realize three things (only half seriously):
* I shouldn’t be allowed to show my scarred and bruised up legs without stockings or copious amounts of photoshop.
* I understand why so many people think I’m angry when I’m not smiling. I’m not, I promise!
* I need to do something about my hair. Color and cut.

Nevertheless, I generally felt pretty good yesterday. I know this dress is comprised of traditional autumn colors, but I’ve never really stuck to a certain palette before, so I stick my tongue out at you, tradition! Anyway, it was a beautiful, breezy day and I remembered to bring my new flats for any ouch-my-feet emergencies. We didn’t do anything too exciting, just some errands and grocery shopping, followed by an intense evening of sewing (solo). Kim and I made some delicious brie, pear, arugula, raspberry preserve and balsamic sandwiches on french baguettes – my very favorite! Annnnd that’s as exciting as my normal life gets. I would tell you about today, but I wouldn’t want to overwhelm anyone with how awesome my friday nights are.

Outfit Details:
pumpkin pie dress – courtesy of Spotted Moth
Calvin Klein heels – Beacon’s Closet (Jen has the same ones, if you want to investigate their origin further)
vintage wicker bag – gift from Dawn, my mom’s best friend

Makeup Details:
concealer (brand rubbed off)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light, all over face
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Refined, on cheeks
MAC dipdown fluidline, on eyes
Prescriptives mascara in dark brown
MAC espresso eyeshadow, on brows
Tarte lipstick in Aura

Love Love and not at all home alone and working on Friday night (wink!),
Keiko Lynn

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  1. And I was just thinking, "she has such lovely hair. I wish my hair looked like that. I should stop being so lazy and actually blow my hair out tonight instead of putting it in a bun."

  2. I love the song you have as your post title. The whole look is quite fantastic, as well.

    I am spending my night watching movies and lying in my bed. I opted out of going out because I felt too lazy to shower and get all dolled up tonight. Here's to living a simple life for the night.

  3. You are one of the few people that I think lipstick really looks good on. You pull it off best of all.
    I love all the colors that are going on in this outfit. (traditional or not.)

    I too love the song from your title.

  4. The colors may be autumn, but the material and cut seem to look more summery. At least, I think? I'm not a clothes-magician like you are. D:

    Balsamic sammiches sound like yum. My Friday night is comprised of me being too tired for anything.. and commenting on this post. SUCCESS.

    Toast with Charmalade

  5. Alejandra: To be fair, I forgot to mention the behind the scenes styling that left me whining. It just needs some shorter layers, because it's being weighed down. It took extra styling to get it like this, when it usually doesn't:(

  6. Ollie Otson: Honestly, I don't even like to go out at very much. At least not in the Friday night kind of way. I'm always afraid of being a stick in the mud, since I don't drink…or dance.

  7. You are so beautiful, you don't need an OUNCE of makeup. You'd be lovely anyway. And no Photoshop! No woman should be Photoshopped, and they are way too much in the fashion industry.

  8. Charmalade: I agree! It's a breezy fabric and cut. Though I will probably layer it with a jacket and tights in the fall, too. You should make the sandwich sometime! So easy and soooo delicious.

  9. My mom always tells me I look mad when I don't smile, but I don't think you look like you're angry at all. You are so pretty! And your hair looks great.

  10. Hi Keiko! Love your dress! Do you know if the Spotted Moth dresses run on the smaller/larger side? What size was your dress? I'm curious because I always worry when buying online.

  11. You have nice legs and your hair is beautiful, I think that doesn't need any alteration! Besides your friday nights seem to me calm and relaxing, in fact I love going to the grocer's (yes, I'm going bright red…)

  12. I was thinking yesterday that orange is a very underrated color. I thought of it when I saw a girl in a fantastic orange dress and realized that the orange items in my closet are limited to a tank top and one blouse. So way to go on giving orange some love. Love the autumnal look mixed up for summer. And the wavy hair looks so great on you – I don't know what you're talking about needing cut/color – your hair always looks great to me.

  13. This outfit is perfect, every bit of it, those sandwiches sounds like the bomb, and you think your legs are much worse than they are. I didn't even notice the bruises until you mentioned them. 😀

  14. I don't know why you would want to photoshop your legs – before I even read that I was thinking that I should comment on how great your legs are. I don't know anyone without a few scars, and I think scars are the shit anyway.

  15. I love the way your waves frame your face, and your dark hair against your light skin is such a striking contrast, so pretty!

    That being said, I know we all need a change from time to time! But you're beautiful!

  16. Gorgeous dress, lovely hair, and bruised legs must mean you're taking advantage of summer. 🙂

    New reader, and I'm enjoying every bit of your blog!

  17. I love your blog but I'm always too shy to comment. I can relate to this post though, sooo..!

    I love that you don't cover your legs, bruises and all. I always have bruised knees and shadows from old scars. It's only until recently that I decided not to care. It's just too hot to shove my legs into stockings. Besides, it tells people a little bit about myself. "Oh, that girl falls down a lot" Well yes.. yes I do!

    Also, people think I am sad/mad when I am not smiling. Even if it's the happiest day of my life. Weirdos 😉

  18. aww i love edward sharpe!
    totally loving it
    youve got a great blog, keep it up!
    if you’ve got a few seconds and like cute dresses, go to http://www.sway.com/acree and put in your email, it will make you a part of sway, who is launching their collection in the fall…and it sends me to vegas! i need a 1,000 girls to sign up before august, and it would mean the world to me, thanks!
    keep up your awesome inspiration, i’ve linked you on my blog roll!-cma

  19. Emily: I got a medium, and I am generally a size 4 or 6 in dresses. More of a 6, but I have a small bust. I probably could have gone with a small, because it's a little loose in the bust. But the nice thing is it ties in the front (or back if you prefer), so you can always tighten it a bit. That's why I went with the bigger size. Better to be a tad loose and cinch it in than to have it squeezing me!

  20. Hey, your legs aren´t that bad! If you compare them to mine.. damn I hate those mosquitos, because of them i´ll have to wear tights the whole summer.

  21. 10 months ago I chopped all of my hair off, ala Michelle Williams on the cover of Vogue last year. I ended up getting a bad dye job also (that has since been fixed…)

    Now I'm madly jealous of all long brown hair. Yours is especially pretty.

  22. oh! the orange/lemon of the dress with the cool blue of the shoes is a superb combo 🙂

    and, for what it's worth, it is really nice to see your scars and bruises (though honestly I had to scroll back up to try to find them!) because it means that you are REAL, and to me, fashion inspiration from a real (and naturally gorgeous) woman is the best kind!

    blogs like yours have ruined fashion magazines for me (thankfully) – I'd much rather see what you come up with!

  23. Keiko.

    I have a dilemma. 🙂

    I have long wavy hair midway down my back with bangs…but it's always in a bun!!! It just hangs limp it seems when it's down…

    should I cut it? did you like your hair when it was short? What about shoulder-length?

    i feel like it would look good on me but did you feel as feminine when you had it that way? or gawky? I like to be girly/womanly…



  24. OMG you cracked me up with the whole not smiling = angry thing. I get this ALL the time… I find myself over explaining to people (which maes me look even more guilty) of how blind I am and that I have to squint to see anything more the 6 ft in front of me. and I look so angry cause I was just trying to make out the features on their face

  25. No don't do anything to your hair! It's amazing… I'm always wishing my hair looked like yours! Meanwhile, I'm just the same… I always appear angry/grumpy when relaly I just forgot to smile!

  26. I love/want/need that dress NOW. Already fell in love with it on Spotted Moth, but you really bring it to life! Great "modeling" here. <3

    P.S. Do you ever freaking get zits?!? You make me sick. I heart you.

  27. I just bought this dress, too. I really don't wear too many dresses but this one just completely caught my eye. It's just too pretty. Can't wait to wear it. Now, if I can only find those awesome shoes….