a casual day for me and ‘Ku

Yesterday was a very casual day. I had a lot of stuff to do, so I just threw on a pair of jeans and an old gap tee. I didn’t have my camera battery charged, so I went with an equally casual photo (hello, photobooth). Miku also went the casual route; she was in no mood for fancy affairs.

Outfit Details:
Navy and white striped tee – Gap
jeans – forever 21

Love Love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. Okay, okay, I definitely have some explaining to do. Keep in mind, I'm only saying this because apparently you can get a little blog addicted too. Once upon a time, a couple months ago, I stumbled upon your blog and instantly became addicted. The adorable clothes, the even more adorable animals, and the thrilling adventures got me hooked. When Thelma stole Bobby's hat, I laughed. When you once did your makeup standing up on a subway, I really did want to give you a virtual medal. When you paired that robin's egg blue with the mustard wrap around, I ooed and ahhed. When you told the story of Rowdy's death, I cried. (Yeah, I know this part is supposed to be funny or whatever, but I really did cry when I read that post. It was heartwrenching. It reminded me of my friend's death just a few months ago.) Anyway, long story short, I read your entire blog in like…4 days. And so I thought that now, months later, I would introduce myself. Hi, my name's Aimee, and I have a feeling that if you at least know of me, I'll feel a tiny bit less of a creeper. So. If you've even read all this, I would lastly like to tell you that you and all your blog creating buddies have inspired me to create my own blog…like three days ago, but still. There's a couple posts. They're crazy, but still. If you ever need a procrastinating agent for ten or so minutes, check it out. http://aimeesawyer.tumblr.com/ Thank you for being so darn entertaining, informative, and helping me to procrastinate my homework. Alright, I'll stop now. The end. 🙂

  2. that lipstick is lovely! it makes your already great lips really stand out 🙂 the quite polished make up makes the casual look seem slightly dressier. very nice!

  3. Nice casual outfit! 🙂
    Check this out-http://open.spotify.com/track/2b712q3E27nyW6LGsZxr0y i really think you would like this song. She's from Sweden.

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  4. Even when you're just lounging around the house, you look like a million bucks.

    I have a little girl-crush on you.


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