Forever Friends

Before anyone comments on how wrinkled and unkempt this looks, let me present to you my defense. Bobby and I woke up very early, on one of the hottest days of the summer, and made the 4+ hour drive to Washington, DC. Oh, I forgot to mention: Bobby’s air conditioning broke. So, 105 degree weather, no air, and 4.5 hours later…this is what I looked like. It’s my own fault…what was I thinking when I got dressed that morning?

The trip was well worth the misery. We met up with my forever friends (the best kind of friends), Lauren and John. You may remember them from my last trip to DC. It’s kind of a halfway point between us. Lauren and I have been best friends since 6th grade. John and I have been friends since 2nd grade. Years later, they married:)

At least I wore flats. I actually did remember to bring wrinkle spray, but completely gave up on the idea when we got there. I just wanted to run to the nearest spot with central air. About the bracelet: it’s a beautiful leaf bracelet, and arrived with the leaves pressed together a little bit (to prevent breakage, I’m sure). I think you’re supposed to spread them out, but I kind of liked them overlapped. Next time, maybe I’ll shape them in a different way.

Last time we met in DC, we went to the zoo. This time, we went to the Smithsonian American Art Museum. I love our little halfway meetups! I miss the two of them so, so much. Tell me, are you still close with many of your childhood friends, or are most of your friends newer? Most of my friends are people I’ve been friends with for a lonnnng time, but I do have some newer friends (mostly through blogging!)

Outfit Details:
You Were Mint For Me dress – courtesy of ModCloth
50s cardigan with crochet details – a gift from my mom
pink belt – thrifted in Cape Cod
Twinkle Toes T-strap Flat – courtesy of ModCloth
Everlasting leaf and branch bracelet – courtesy of Kellyssima
Carpenter Bee Bag – courtesy of Spotted Moth

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. For one week only, Kellyssima (the maker of my leaf bracelet) is offering a 30% discount for purchases over $20 to my readers! Mention KEIKO when you check out and she’ll send a refund via PayPal. Discount does not apply to shipping costs and to items on sale.

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  1. Despite weather issues + rambling commutes, you look darling, darlin' ^_^

    love this easy summer color palette. so casual, yet classy.


  2. Haha, if you didn't mention how hot and tired you were, I wouldn't have even noticed how wrinkled your outfit looked! In all honesty, it still looks flowery fresh. 🙂

    And I've made close friends later in my life, but I have one friend I've proudly known for about 11 years– it's crazy! We're practically old women together. In fact, I hope to go see her in the Bronx this summer, because I've missed her terribly while she's been away from home. That's not too far away from you, right?

    Toast with Charmalade

  3. Most of my friends are newer. Moved too often to keep a hold of the forever friend type. But my friend Ashley, I've known since Grade 4 and, although, we're so different she's a constant in my life (constant joy, constant annoyance, constant laughter, constant talking…whatever).

    In fact, I get a bunch of flack for how easily I let go of friends. I've been called cold and detached in this area. When a relationship becomes toxic, I purge. Of course, I make the initial effort to save it. Talk, communicate, analyze, alter but sometimes you just have to let them pass.

    I'm lucky though, as I make deep friendships quickly. So that kindred spirit, bosom buddy (all Anne of Green Gables sounding) feeling develops instantly and the laughing til we cry is there with both old and new friends alike.

    PS I *need* that bracelet! I love anything with leaves or feathers

  4. Pfft, you don't need to worry about those wrinkles. You look darling. I'm gutted your belt is thrifted – I really wanted to get me one!

    Sadly, I'm not very close with my childhood friends. Mainly because I moved from England to New Zealand when I was 14 – that made it hard!
    That said I love having friends from different parts of my life and making new ones. I'm still very close with my best-high school friend even though we're so different now.

    I'm jealous that two of your best friends got married to each other – how convenient is that! 🙂

    evie x

  5. Ooooh! That bracelet is really cute. I actually like it a lot more with the leaves pressed together. I was looking at her etsy and I was like, how come I can't find the one you're wearing? ;_;

  6. I am still friends with two girls who i met the first day of middle school (and my first day in a very new town). We've known each other for 17 years which is just crazy! I'm also still very very close friends with one of the first boys I ever dated (we were sooo young). We share a birthday and have always kept in touch and we're always glad we were such dorks and didn't really know how being boyfriend/girlfriend worked because we've had such an amazing friendship all these years.

  7. Dear Keiko,
    This look is so dainty and pretty. I love your bracelet so much! I'm looking at the store right now. I also love how you wear a lot of independent designers. I think it's great to support that sort of thing!
    I've been best friends with the first friend I ever got in Kindergarten. Now we're in college and we're still best friends! The best thing is that our personalities are enough alike to make us similar, but different enough to make us individuals. Does that make sense? I've had most of my friends for at least five or six years plus, but I have a few newer ones scattered in between.
    Great look, and enjoy the summer weather. Hope it doesn't get too hot!!!

  8. Most of my friends are friends I've had for quite some time. I've known most of them for at least a year. It's really nice to have people who have known you for a long time.

    Love and Turtledoves,

  9. Such a pretty bracelet! I have known almost all of my friends since elementary or middle school. I have lived in the same town my whole life, and so have most of my friends, so that helps :). They're the best type of friends because you can go awhile without seeing them, and when you see them again it's like no time has passed! http://showersofsunflowers.blogspot.com

  10. At least your makeup held up through the heat! It looks great!

    I finally decided to try out new primers thanks to your Makeup Monday post.

    I was using Smashbox Photo Finish in correcting (green), but that didn't work on my large nose pores. So I tried Urban Decay eye primer and Benefit Pore Fessional, and that only lasted with an even finish for about 7 hours before gathering in my nose pores.

    I'll be trying the L'Oreal Studio Secrets now with Stay Don't Stray eye lid and concealer primer by Benefit, which got great reviews.

    Don't you love having old friends?

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  11. I have been eyeing off those flats on Modcloth, but know I'd never wear them as I do not do pink. It's nice to see how beautifully they can be styled though!

    I have a mix of friends ~ my DH is my newest friend, although I did know him for a while when I was in grade school and we lost touch, only to find each other again and get married!

    So I guess most of my friends are old life~long friends.

    b. of Depict This!

  12. You look great despite everything! I had the same problem today- SUPER hot day and the AC in my car decided to act funny 🙁

    I still have friends that I've 'known' since birth! It's crazy to say that I've known someone for 21 years..

  13. I wish that I could look this lovely after enduring what you went through for this trip !

    Also, I met my best friend when I moved from BC to Ontario at the age of 3. Our houses conveniently backed onto each other, and with no fence in between us we often ran back and forth. We were inseparable, until one year, when she was 12 her parents split up and she moved with her mom to BC (I don't know what is with BC in this story haha). I managed to see her every year from then on until the last couple years, when school and work became an issue. I visited her last summer and she planned on coming her (actually she would have left here yesterday if she had come) but couldn't get the time off of work. Anyways, I know how you feel with the distance between you and your close friends. It really makes for an exciting time when you DO manage to get together, though.

    Have a wonderful day !

  14. I have a weird love of wrinkles. I just like to totally embrace them and get on with life.

    My very best friend in the world met when I was in 2nd and she was in 3rd grade. We hated each other, but on a day off from school we were forced to hang out with each other at daycare and have been close ever since. The rest of my friends have been accumulated over the years though, and they are still just as good!


  15. Well considering you are all crinkled you still look wonderful! That dress is so gorgeous, and you look beautiful, as per usual.

    Most of my friends are ones I have had for a lonnng time, I'm such a shy person so I find it hard to make new friends.


  16. A perfect outfit! The dress, cardigan, shoes( supergreat) and bag, everything goes together superwell. So so cute 😀

  17. Somehow I was never able to stay in touch with my "older" friends. My best and "new" friends are my boyfriend (who I know for about two years) and my other friend (who I know for 4 years).
    Luckily I found my best friend from kindergarten again, and now we write messages and so on.

    I love your blogposts, they always make me want to think about my life.

  18. the outfit is lovely despite all the wrinkles :)! And to answer your question: Sadly I don't have any old friends any more. I'm so happy for you it works out!

  19. You look gorgeous! I love the color palette and your bracelet! 😉

    My closest friends live in CA and I live in TX now. So it's kind of hard even to meet half way. But we still manage to see each other at least once a year. 🙂

  20. You look incredible for someone who just had to endure such ridiculous elements!

    My friends are a nice mix of old and new. None of my old friends live in my current city – we're all spread about the country, but make it a point to all get together at least once a year. Ironically, this usually happens in DC as well, as that's where our friends with babies live. 🙂

  21. i feel like i'm always running around with wrinkled clothes on! haha, but i think the outfit is way cute none the less. i love the dress.

    my friends are a mixture of new and old friends. but i'd have to say MOSTLY newer.

  22. Wow you look beautiful- no air and I would have been a nasty sweaty mess! I have been in love with that dress from Modcloth forever, and I'm so glad to finally see someone wearing it! It looks great on you, especially with thsoe adorable flats!

  23. You look pretty good considering the circumstances! Lovely outfit, per usual. DC is great, and I'm sure it's even better with such good friends!

  24. im only 23 but the majority of my friends that live close by are friends that i have known since elementary school! (granted we all live at home) all my college friends except for 1 live in other states or parts of the country!

  25. Wow I loooove that dress! I adore the floral print and the bustier top. Those t-strap shoes are also so cute.
    And to answer your question, I still consider myself a child, and I try my best to keep up with all of my old friends. My three best friends and I have been so incredibly tight since kindergarten.

  26. You look so adorable! Your outfit is fantastic. I especially love those shoes.

    I'm not so much close to my childhood friends because I moved across the world when I was 10 so at best we're facebook friends now! I'm only 17 and a recent graduate though so I'm still in touch with most of my high school friends haha.


  27. YES bringing some style to my town. enjoy yourselves :)spend some time in georgetown! they have some interesting consignment stores (although NOTHING compared to ny) and a distant relative's award-winning ice cream shop, Thomas Sweet! As long as you don't get the lemon sorbet, everything is delicious.

  28. That dress is adorable with that cardi and bracelet. Honestly I'm impressed by how good you still look after so much traveling. I usually wear something comfy and then change when I get to my destination 🙂

  29. i have one forever friend and that is my cousin that i grew up with. i know she's family…but she's also a great friend! other than that all of my friends are kind of newer. i really envy when people have friends from way way back, but i just wasn't able to hold onto mine. we all went our seperate directions.

  30. First time commentor, long time reader. 😉

    I've been bffs with my bff for 20 years… our 'anniversary' is in September! The third person to round out our forever friends group has been around for 15 years. We all got matching tattoos about two months ago, they were our very first!

    Forever friends are awesome.