Makeup Monday: Little Sister’s Choice

I have to apologize in advance for the crummy pictures. I was sick all of yesterday and ended up doing my makeup / taking these pictures extremely late at night. Plus, I have been entertaining these beauties:

My little sister, Tessa, and her friend Ally:) Since Cheech (that’s Tessa’s nickname) is visiting, I let her pick out my makeup look. She chose smokey eyes with turquoise lids.

I didn’t have time to do a step by step thingamajig, so I made my first face chart, ever. It’s a little messy but practice will make perfect:)

The products I used. Not pictured, oops: MAC Peacocked Softsparkle Eye Pencil.

  For this look, I decided to go with a neutral lip, to balance out the dramatic eyes.

Makeup Details:


  • MAC paint pot in bare study, all over lids and blended up to brow (use fingers)
  • MAC Aquadisiac eyeshadow (top left in quad) all over lids and inner corners (pack it on lid, instead of swiping side to side. Use any dense eyeshadow brush – I used the bottom one in the pic)
  • MAC Waternymph eyeshadow (in the teal eyeshadow pot) blended in and above crease and outer lid (blend with a fluffy brush like the one second from bottom)
  • MAC Carbon eyeshadow (bottom right in quad) blended in outer crease and outer lid
  • MAC Vanilla pigment (loose, in sample size jar) near tear ducts and on brow bone.
  • MAC blacktrack fluidline on top lash line and lower waterline (using Sonia Kashuk bent angled brush)
  • MAC peacocked softsparkle eye pencil below eye
  • Benefit Bad Gal Lash

Cheeks and lips:

  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Refined on cheeks
  • Julie Hewett lipstick in Biba
As far as product alternatives go, similar eyeshadows can be found in a variety of brands. I don’t know exact matches, but you will need an aqua-ish color, a darker teal color and a black shadow. For highlight, I used Vanilla pigment, which is a subtle ivory shimmer. I don’t have a ton of experience with L’oreal HIP, but I have heard their pigments and shadows are comparable. I *love* Milani eyeshadows, which are really cheap and can be found at drugstores, Target, etc. I think they might even have a glittery teal pencil (or try Prestige), like the MAC softsparkle pencil I used. The fluidline can be swapped for any eyeliner, but I fully recommend trying the fluidline. 
For the lips and cheeks, any neutral lipstick and blush will do. As stated in previous Makeup Mondays, I recommend checking out Sonia Kashuk and E.L.F for affordable brushes. The Sonia Kashuk ones are some of my favorites!
Sorry for the rushed Makeup Monday, but we have some sightseeing to do:)
Love Love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. ahh! i love this.
    you are seriously talented at makeup.
    the turquoise is the great color.

  2. love the smokey eyes! it looks great on Tessa too. She's growing up to be such the stunner (but then again, your entire family is filled with gorgeous ladies)!

  3. I love that eyeshadow! I'm to much of a coward to wear a turqoise smoky eye, but it looks great on you and Tessa!

    Btw, Tessa is gourgeous. Must run in the family!

  4. I don't normally wear a ton of make up, mostly out of laziness. But, I would love to try this look for a big night out. I love the look of blue eyeshadows, but i think any kind of true blue just reads "old lady" to me unless it's done right. I think teal might be a better option for me.

    I'd like to throw blue eyeshadow out there as a topic for a future makeup Monday post. Sephora had some great blue eyeshadow looks in their window displays last fall, but I couldn't figure out how to wear it in the real world!

  5. These are great. Would love to try that eyeshadow look sometime if I can the right colors in the future. On that note, would it be possible to create a special link or archive for Makeup Mondays within your blog? I've bookmarked the last two, but it would be wonderful to have a link right within the blog (just something to consider – thanks!):)

  6. I've been introcing myself in make up world so many girls on YT are very talented I been so deep interest that I almost forget my fav fachion blogs like yours so for me Its so nice(very nice:D) that you put Make up mondays also I love your looks but this had been one of my fav ones (: and coul you pleas do a make up monday of you bag lady post 😀 kisses from Mexico

  7. Maybe doing a video(tutorial), can help explain everything without having to write everything down. i like make up mondays.

  8. This is what you look like when you're sick?? I'd be happy to look like that when I'm feeling my best, let alone when I'm not!

    Hope that you feel better soon!

  9. These are quickly becoming one of my favourite types of posts from you.

    I still have yet to do one of my own, because I'm too busy with the day job… But I would love to do one one day. They seem so fun and people seem to really react well to them!

    I love this look. The smoky eye with emerald and teal, that's a great blend. Most people always do grey or black and it's good to change things up.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  10. What a sweet blog! :))
    Come visit mine hon, I think (hope :)) you'll really like it! I can't wait to hear from you!

    Have a nice day!

    PS: Would you like to exchange links? :))

  11. LOL, did you know your boyfriend is all over tumblr? Girls keep talking about how hot he is and I have no idea where they're getting all these pictures of him.

  12. LOVING this
    really fabulous inspiration
    your blog is mad perfection, i'll be back for sure!
    thanks for sharing, come visit COSMICaroline!


  13. Hi,
    I love your hair and blog! Since your hair is up so often, I was wondering if you could share an easy way to put it up.