Tea and Sympathy

You got a sneak peek of my tea party outfit on yesterday’s post; now you can see the whole thing! Oh, how exciting. You must be absolutely thrilled;) I can’t seem to go to a tea party without dressing like some sort of cupcake (cupKeik?) or dessert. Next time, I might just bring Snowball the Panda and a throng of dollies. If you’re going to have a tea party, you should always have some dolls on hand. But, I digress. On to more pressing matters:

I recently picked up a pair of the Steve Madden Caryssa platform pumps, while shopping at Nordstrom. I originally saw them on my friend Christine, and knew I had to get them in the “blush” color. Luckily, I had a handy little Nordstrom gift card and it was just enough to cover the entire cost. Gift cards are the best! In my haste, I failed to notice something in the store: the two shoes are completely different shades! I didn’t even notice it until this day, while in broad daylight. I guess I have been wearing them at night, mostly, or just don’t make a habit of staring at my feet for extended periods of time. Oh my goodness! How long have I been walking around with mismatched shoes? I must have worn them at least four or five times since their purchase.

What should I do? I imagine Nordstrom won’t exchange them, since I’ve already worn them a few times and discarded the box. I’m not even sure if I still have the receipt. I’m pretty bummed, because I really adore the shoes – they’re strangely easy to walk in and pretty comfortable (considering the insane height). I also love that they go with just about anything. I imagine the mismatched shoes were a quality control oversight, since no other reviews have cited this problem.

Haha…I just read over all of this complaining about shoes and I sound like a whiny brat. Woe is me!

Outfit Details:
Lace and jersey top with shoulder cutouts – borrowed from Kimberly
cropped lace camisole (underneath) – thrifted
bow belt – thrifted
Steve Madden Caryssa pumps in blush – Nordstrom
reconstructed ruffled tier skirt – original piece from my mom, reconstructed by me
nude fishnet stockings – gift from my mom

(Makeup Monday is still scheduled for today, so please check back later!)

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

pssst: Christine of My Style Pill is sponsored by Steve Madden and has a 15% discount code on her blog!

Edit: Steve Madden is helping me resolve the issue – they have been extremely helpful. A big thank you to my reader, Mel, for bringing this to their attention! The internet is an amazing thing:)

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  1. You look SMASHING hunnie!! Love the delicacy of the entire outfit….you look like a Princess!!!

    Id definitely try taking back the shoes…just be honest, you had no idea the shades were "off" as you have worn them a few times int eh evening hours…..

  2. Haha cup Keik, I love it! You can't really tell that the color is slightly off though, it shouold be fine.

    And I love the soft femininity of this outfit πŸ™‚

  3. Actually you may still have a chance! Nordstrom has a great return policy. I know a friend of mine had a purse for about a year the stitching started to come undone on a what she thought was a top quality purse. She took it to Nordstrom ( with no receipt – they'll look it up on their computers ) and she got a brandspanking new bag!

    Either way, its worth the try! good luck!

  4. I used to work at Nordstroms–just bring them in, no problem. If you can't find the receipt, they might want to take down your information for the return (depends on the store and who does it), but it's no big deal. It shouldn't be a problem! Let us know how it turns out!

  5. As everyone said above, Nordstrom will take back anything. They will even take back like 20 year old shoes that you have worn that you claim is from their store that isn't even in the computer or inventory. My friend used to work for their Customer Service, and they pretty much have a policy that they will take it back no matter what.

  6. Oh no! That's really too bad that they're different colours. I don't think you need to return them though. I think you should embrace their flaws, and let it be a quirk. Most people probably won't notice anyway! I didn't until you pointed it out! I have a friend who always wears mismatched socks (and his socks are not the plain white ones most guys own), so maybe mismatched shoes is one step further? They're really not that bad!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  7. Hey, the shoes are great! I have them in Slate and i was going to get the next in Blush. You are right…they're really comfy for wear!
    About the colour diff, you cant even tell…

  8. Those heels are gorgeous! I don't think anyone would noticed unless you pointed it out. Nordstrom probably won't let you exchange them, but you could try…

  9. Keiko, I swear, the way you layer things has got to be some sort of art form. Your always get all the right pieces in all the right places. Ruffles and lace and a bow, oh my! Love love love it, especially the delicate shoulder cut outs. You look utterly darling.

    In terms of the shoes, try to take them back! That's awful that they don't match, and they're so adorable. Worst case scenario; they don't take them back and you wear them for night outings. Also, and I'm not sure if this is an option, but if they don't let you return them you might be able to get them dyed. I know a few friends who took advantage of that way back when during high school prom, but it might not work on that material. Worth a try, I guess? Good luck!!

  10. this outfit is TOO CUTE! It's good you bought those pumps from Nordstrom and not Steve Madden itself. I bought pumps from Steve Madden, wore them around my house, and then tried to return because they were poorly made (the inside of the sole was coming up)…seriously they would not take them back and it was the very next day!

    BUT I have a friend who worked at Nordstrom and I'm pretty sure they take back everything! Even without a receipt and even if they've been worn. They are a store that cares about customer service.

    Plus, the discoloration is VERY obvious, and it's obviously a manufacturer error.

    You should see if you can exchange, though, rather than return …because they are super cute!!!!

    good luck with it all!

  11. as everyone said, try to return them. If that doesn't work you might be able to contact steve madden with the complaint. Also sometimes if a shoe is the display model or has been used in a display, it has been out in the light more than its sister shoe so if all else fails, try leaving the darker shoe in a window and rotating it every day for a couple of days which might bleach out the suede a bit and help them match.

  12. Return those shoes girl! I worked at Nordstrom for a couple of years and I can tell you they have a great return policy. No need for a receipt or a box, just show them the shoes and they will understand. This might seem cheesy, but they REALLY do care about their customers, and this is obviously coming from a previous employee.

  13. What a goddamn brilliant outfit, Keiko! I love all the ruffles and lace, but the cutouts keep it futuristic and diva-edgy, which plays down the overall girly-ness with the fishnets. Great balance!

    I'd say try to return or exchange them. No use in NOT trying. Or you could also try to visit a shoe repair facility which might be able to dye suede. If they can cure and dye leather, suede might be a possibility. I know shoe repair places can clean suede.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  14. Lace and ruffles are some of my favourite details in an outfit, but I don't think that I could make them work so well together! And those shoes are simply exquisite!

  15. I didn't even the notice the color in the shoes until you mentioned it. I'm sure if you brought them in, explained the situation to a manager, and just ask for an exchange it won't be too big of a deal. I manage a retail store and as long as people are friendly I try to be as understanding and as helpful as possible- even if you have to bend the rules a little bit. Whatever happens, it's not too bad and you wore them very well.


  16. Nordstrom will take back anything! (Have you been to Last Chance in Miami? Total proof.) But even if you decide not to exchange them, the difference in color isn't really noticeable…

  17. this outfit is perfect for a tea party! it is very sweet but the black gives it a slight edge and the long back of the shirt is an unexpected detail but really makes the outfit.

    i agree with everyone else, you should definitely return the shoe! especially since it is something that is their fault. good luck!

  18. You can still bring them to Nordstrom and exchange them for matching colors even if you've worn them or don't have the box. Having the receipt is ideal, but even without it you can still exchange them especially in this case (a defective pair). That's the beauty of Nordstrom…no return policy. Just an FYI for the future πŸ˜‰ And I absolutely ADORE this outfit!

  19. Keiko,
    Nordstroms has the best customer service ever. I once bought a dry clean only dress and the dry cleaner ruined it. It faded orange and black all over the white. The dry cleaner refused to pay for the dress (I had the reciept) but Nordstroms took it back and returned my money. It wasn't even their fault. They ROCK! I am a customer for life!