Three Times a Lady

I have literally worn the same pair of shorts three days this week. It’s partially because I have wanted a pair of shorts like this for a very long time, and now I finally have them! Mostly, it has just been a chaotic work week. When I managed to get out of the house, I couldn’t even find it in me to wear a different outfit, let alone document them on the appropriate day. Therefore, I recreated each look for you – sloppy hair and all.

Day One: Chelsea Garage Flea Market and brunch at Jane with Samara, Shae and her awesome mom. If you haven’t seen Shae’s blog, Everything Style, add it to your list right.now. She is not only a beauty with great style, but also a really great photographer and a wonderful gal. After meeting her mom, I see where she gets it from. She reminded me of my mom in some ways; it made me homesick!

Day one outfit details:
Scalloped “Lovely Wave Shorts” – courtesy of Queen’s Wardrobebelt – from my mom’s shop (Margate, FL) , Hourglass Consignmentstriped t-shirt – Gap (years old)
necklace – courtesy of Corvus Noir
blazer – thrifted
shoes – Steve Madden

Day Two: Frumpy frumpy, but oh-so-comfy. I wore this to work in all day, and then went to dinner with Bops. Afterward, we met up with Samara and went to our friend Peter’s apartment. There’s another blog to check out – he will quickly become your favorite. Apparently half of my friends are bloggers. I really do have a life off of the internet…it just involves talking about the internet with other people whose lives are displayed on the internet. Did I mention that Bobby started (and regularly updates) a blog, This Fellow?

Day two outfit details:
Scalloped “Lovely Wave Shorts”: courtesy of Queen’s Wardrobepink slouchy sweater – thrifted
If you find yourself caught in love locket – courtesy of Kellyssima
t-strap flats – courtesy of ModCloth

Day Three: Oh my gosh, forgive Miku’s awkward growing out phase of her summer shave. She is so embarrassed! She just got groomed today and is looking less disheveled. I didn’t even do anything noteworthy in this outfit. I think I got all dressed up just to work all day…and then I walked to the store. It was cold, so I put on some tights. Yeah, I wore those shoes to the store. I’ve even been wearing them around the house. They need to be broken in!

Day three outfit details:
Scalloped “Lovely Wave Shorts”: courtesy of Queen’s Wardrobe
Moschino button down with crochet sleeves – Beacon’s Closet
tube top (underneath) – Forever 21
necklace – I made it at the Fenton Fallon party!
tights – Target
Senso Tina shoes – courtesy of Solestruck

Love love,
Keiko Lynn
p.s. I promise that I will wear something different in the next post. Promise.

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  1. Eunice says:

    Hi Keiko,

    I hope you don't mind that I've borrowed one of your outfits for inspiration. You can check it out on my blog 🙂


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  3. Becca Jane says:

    those shorts are so fantastic – who cares if you wear them 3x in a row? Especially when you've styled them in 3 such lovely ways

  4. Every Little Counts says:

    this must be a sign… i literally just saw these shorts on another blog and instantly fell in love. i definitely need them now!

  5. Piia says:

    These are great outfits, i like the sailor one the most. I wanted to say that I've also featured it on my blog at bowtiediary.blogspot.com

  6. amanda says:

    those modcloth flats are just the best! {as are you…}

  7. Laura says:

    You look fabulous in all your outfits and your new shorts are so cute I love it!!!!!!

  8. Jess says:

    I love all these outfits!! So cute!! And that blazer fits you PERFECTLY- how did you alter it???

  9. Atenea says:

    I like the nude heels!

  10. Chantel says:

    Dont feel bad! If i had a pair like these i would probably wear them every second day for the first month! LOL

  11. Lulu says:

    those shorts are so adorable though! pshh only three times. that's nothing! =]

  12. Joanna says:

    Lovely shorts! I love all the ways you styled them too 🙂

  13. chroscenium says:

    I love the way you made three different outfits using the same shorts without it looking repetitive or similar. You're so pretty and Miku is still so cute!

  14. Ana says:

    I like all 3 outfits, and the second one is probably my favorite. I love seeing posts that include multiple outfits with the same piece of clothing, because it proves how versatile that piece really is.

  15. Velvet says:

    I love the different ways that you combined them! The shoes of the first outfit are so beautiful.

  16. dear kate says:

    i don't know what you're talking about, miku looks great! 🙂
    i love the first look here! too cute!

  17. .Alyspank says:

    I wont be upset if you wear those shorts again. They're too cute! I'm really tied between which outfit I loved more, #1 or #3….. but I think I'm going with number 1 for it's splash of color!

    -Weezy from http://beautysimplistic.blogspot.com

  18. sallyannie☆ says:

    I totally get you on the getting a new item and then wanting to wear it every day thing! Who can blame you, with shorts that lovely 😀

  19. Colleen says:

    i LOVE the first outfit! great choices with the navy on navy

  20. Alice says:

    very nice outfits 😉

  21. Ginta says:

    I love second outfit the best – it's pastels, it's sorbet sweet, it's comfy and it's got a fairy tale feel, at least I got the fairy tale feel about it 🙂

  22. miss foxy says:

    just beautiful <3 i really love your hair :>

  23. Ven says:

    the second one looks great n chic yet comfyy!!i love ur scallop pants,, i want onee too!!
    anywayy,, u r like a barbie doll 🙂 so pretty.


  24. ciupa says:

    looks great, each and every time!

  25. Crystal says:

    You and your bf are adorable and seem so nice, to boot!

  26. Leigh says:

    I don't care if it's a repeat, I love those shorts, and your outfits are completely different and warrant you to use the shorts multiple times!


  27. Jenna says:

    I've been in love with those shorts for a long time! They look great on you.

  28. Polina says:

    love them all 🙂

  29. Belen says:

    omg! if i could work those shorts like you do, i'd definitely have a pair of my own and wear them that many times in a week. rock on, gorgeous girl!

  30. Lauren says:

    I like the three different takes on the shorts! What a great idea and I love how it showcases your creativity! The last one I think is my favorite – those shoes are killer! Love it!

    Small Time Style

  31. Meg! says:

    I looove the second look. I don't think it's frumpy at all! It's very sweet and feminine, but cozy. Definitely something I'd wear. I love them all, though. 🙂

  32. Alexandra says:

    All such great outfits, I'm especially fond of the pink shirt one. I really want a pair of scallop-hem shorts as well, they're so feminine and delicate. You look beautiful as always!

    Love Alexandra


  33. Jenni says:

    These shorts are amazing! All three of these outfits are incredible. I think I like the first one best… Love the blazer.

  34. b. says:

    I can see why you would want to wear those shorts everyday ~ they are gorgeous.

    Your dog is totally cute too ~ hair cut or no. >__<

    b. of Depict This!

  35. Morellocherry says:

    oooh,i have those shoes in the second pics , but mine are grey

  36. Eli says:

    they really look fantastic on you, thanks for showing us all these ways to wear them!

  37. Hannah says:

    I do love these shorts! When I get around to it I plan on making some of my own 🙂

  38. Katie says:

    I'm actually surprised to find that I really love those shorts! I've seen them before but having them 'styled' really puts them into perspective. No need to apologize, you looked great in each of the looks!

  39. libys11 says:

    im so jealous!!! i love those shorts!! they're so chic and stylish!!! perfect fabric, color and design!

    Animated Confessions

  40. stylefyles says:

    I love the three different ways you wore those shorts….each look is so different and distinct. I have to say my favorite pieces are the gold belt from Hourglass Consignment and the thrifted slouchy sweater – the color is adorable and the weaved ribbons are perfection!

    Great looks – glad you bundled them all together for us!

  41. Keiko Lynn says:

    Natalya: Thank you!
    Charmalade: Thanks! The lipstick is my all time favorite – Julie Hewett's Cheekie cheek and lip shine in Bette. It's actually in a pot, so I use either my finger or a lip brush. It stays on really well and is the perfect color. It has lasted me forever! I got it last September, wear it almost every day and still have half the container left.

  42. Charmalade says:

    I adore all of these outfits, but I think I love how comfy/chic the second one looks! And the mauveish matte lipstick is perfect! May I ask where you got it?

    And I love remixes, so it's great that your laziness turned into fashion renovation. 🙂

    Toast with Charmalade