crimson and clover

Bobby and I have been very busy, and the past couple of weeks have been no exception. He’s working two jobs (seriously, he’s always working!), while I’m sewing way too many dresses, helping with my sister’s wedding planning, making her wedding dress and generally taking care of business. We found some time to take little Miku to the dog park, where she befriended a baby pug and got extremely dirty. We let her play until it got dark and all of the puppies went home. I obviously decided to dress like I was Joan Jett; I was probably listening to Crimson and Clover while getting dressed that day. I’ve actually been wearing jeans a lot in the past two weeks. It’s like I all of a sudden realized how convenient they are.

Outfit Details:
tyler moto jacket – courtesy of Coach
favorite vintage shirt – thrifted a million years ago (at least that many)
jeans – courtesy of Hudson jeans
Senso shoes – courtesy of Solestruck

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. is a foray into wedding couture the next step for postlapsaria? or is your sissy the only lucky girl?

    i love your jacket. i can never find a leather jacket that doesn't scream burly biker dude or 80's hair metal. yours looks like it's Joan Jett perfect.

    Betty Noir

  2. i love your blog! i don't know if this is too personal, but it seems that you and bobby have a really great relationship. mind if i ask what your advice and secrets are?

  3. Hi Keiko-

    I met you earlier tonight @IFB. It was so dark, but I wanted to say that I've enjoyed your blog from the beginning!


    (ModCloth photographer and kristincofer.com)

  4. I love your blog – I find it so uplifting and full of very inspirational pictures. You have such a great look! I especially love your hair.. Could you do a post on how you style it?