I wear my garment so it shows.

A couple months ago, my darling little kitties shattered my full length mirror. I still haven’t replaced it. I never really think about it when I’m out, nor did I feel it necessary to make a special trip for that sole purpose. That is, until yesterday. You see, I bought this lovely little blush pink dress for $5, wore it to brunch and on an outing with my friend Samara, and then realized…it’s way more sheer than I thought. Though I wore it with the appropriate flesh tone undergarments, I skipped the slip. I caught a glimpse in a store mirror and realized I could completely see my rib tattoo. Which means, when in sunlight, it is probably way worse. Sure enough, I asked Samara and she agreed that it was a little see-through! If I had a full length mirror with which I could examine these issues, I wouldn’t have left the house like that. But Kim is the only one with even a regular sized mirror, and her room is dimly lit.

Needless to say, purchasing a full length mirror is on this week’s agenda. Until then, I will wear slips as a fail-safe. Hope everyone in my neighborhood enjoyed the underwhelming show!

Outfit Details:
inappropriate dress – H&M
Dainty and Demure top – courtesy of ModCloth
belt – from my mom’s shop, Hourglass Consignment
pink socks – from my mom
Seychelles “Romance” boots – courtesy of Seychelles
Coach Madison Brynne bag – courtesy of Coach

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. That stinks about your dress! I don't have a full length mirror either and now I'm fully convinced I need to get one. I love this outfit; it is perfectly put together. My favorites are the shoes and the bag. Your blog is always an inspiration.


  2. Too funny…..I realized that I had the same issue on my last outfit post…(bet people didnt need to see my zebra bra!!…) good goddd…..lol..you look adorable as always….loving your booties!!

  3. Eeek! See through is no good, but I'm glad you figured it out! I love how when I opened up this post I could only see he outfit, and not the shoes, and all I could think was "so pretty, pink, lacy, and girly!". This is, until I scrolled just a tiny bit more and saw the heels. Perfect way to mix it up!

  4. Haha, "inappropriate dress – H&M". I'm pretty sure others would have thought it to be intentional that your dress was seemingly so sheer. It's quite the trend now (i.e: having a patterned bandeau underneath a sheer top).

    Nevertheless, that is such an adorable dress. You could try finding antique floor-length mirrors at various flea markets and vintage shops. Keep those kitties away from your new one!

  5. yeah, i've totally noticed how popular sheer things are. i could never wear anything sheer though, and i don't consider myself particularly modest.
    on a different note, i LOOOVE those boots! =]

  6. i love how you put this outfit together. and i love the shoes!

    ps. you should consider posting photos of your closet! i'm sure your reader would be interested in seeing how you organize all of your clothes and accessories.

  7. Hey Keiko! Can you please show us your tatoo sometime? IΒ΄m thinking about doing one and need inspiration. IΒ΄m thinking yours must be faboulus since you have such great style πŸ™‚

    Also, I am going to Florida for 10 days in October with my boyfriend. Can you give me some inside scoops on things that will make our trip unforgettable? I have a guidebook but the best things never seem to be in there.

    Love from Stockholm, Sweden

  8. Ah, we've all had that horrible moment where you realize your outfit is see through. You are not alone. I love the nude colors in this outfit, and I have developed a mild obsession with your boots.

  9. I've always loved your blog, but now I love it even more because you quoted Bon Iver <3

    PS: Until I get my hands on those boots every outfit I put together from now until then will feel inadequate

  10. I was looking back through for some fashion inspiration and thought to leave a comment here. I think (maybe) this is around the time I found your blog and have been enjoying since! Thanks for sharing!