Light enough to move.

Outfit Details:
pink silk shirt – thrifted
vintage slip – gift from my mom
doily skirt – courtesy of Spotted Moth
Coach bag – courtesy of Coach
Boutique 9 “Girlie” peep toes – courtesy of Nine West
elastic hair band on my wrist – because I’m classy like that

Fashion week is a blast, but I’m afraid I ran myself ragged. A mere two to three hours of sleep a night doesn’t suffice for me anymore; insomniac college Keiko would be disgusted. I woke up today feeling like my head was filled with rocks and ocean water. Does that make sense? In other words, I do believe I’ve come down with the dreaded common cold.

Throughout the week, I’ll be catching up on the blog. I have photographs from shows, events, and everything I wore throughout. I actually wore this shirt two days in a row, because 1) I’m gross and 2) I never plan my outfits and I needed something in a hurry. I really wanted to wear this cute little skirt that Monica of Spotted Moth sent to me, but didn’t have any other suitable tops within arm’s reach. Because, you know, I got ready at the very last minute…as Kim and I both tend to do.

On this particular day, we went to a Tweet Up (I know, what nerds) at the AmEx Skybox with Paper Mag’s Mickey Boardman, who is extraordinarily charming. If you don’t follow my twitter, you missed my favorite quote of the week:

“Fashion is for everyone. Just because I’m fat doesn’t mean I don’t want to be fabulous.” – Mickey Boardman

Bravo, Mickey!

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. Love the color palette — I think that's the most flattering color on so may different skin types…

    I love how your make-up always compliments your outfits (it's a total look). I think you should do a few make-up posts/tutorials! 🙂

  2. Thanks, everyone!

    Mel: I'm still growing it out. I missed having long hair!

    Style Activist: I was there. I might have even checked you in – I was at the front desk in the morning.

    Em-Jae: I do a makeup post every monday, though I missed this past one.

  3. Hey, I really adore your sense of style. I know that you are into vintage inspired clothing, and I would like to offer you some vintage patterns that were my grandmothers. Ranging from 60-early 90s. feel free to email me if you are interested. :]

    My email is Ewvans@yahoo.com.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous. You're one of the few fashion bloggers where each day I think, "I'd love to wear that!" and then scour your list to see where I might get it. Sadly, the stuff I really love you make yourself. Sprinkle a little of that sewing talent over here, will ya?

    I laughed when I saw your hair elastic because I just did a post on my blog about how I was wearing one on my wrist throughout my engagement photos. Yeah. Classy.

  5. I really like all the nude tones together in this outfit…especially those shoes! And I totally know what you mean about not being able to do the college-type all nighters so easily anymore. Now if I'm out all night I feel like I'm 80 the next day!

  6. I love that quote of the week. That was so true and I can relate to that. Fashion is really for everyone. It doesn't mind whoever or whatever you are as long as you love fashion.