More Than Meets the Eye

I thought this dress was called the Transformer dress, which is why I have an awesome title from their cartoon theme song, but it’s called the Hulk dress, which I never got into. Transformer seems more suitable, since it can be worn several ways, just by adjusting the zipper: with sleeves, without sleeves, slightly unzipped or unzipped and folded with peekaboo shoulders. I chose to wear it with a blazer and tights, because my Floridian blood makes me shiver in these newly dropped temperatures. I’m pathetic…I’m going to leave when it gets below the 50s. Miku and I will head to a tropical island.

I feel like I should invest in Spanx, because every time I wear anything body-con, I find myself blowing my stomach out – which makes no sense! I should be sucking it in! A couple of different people said they do the same thing, so I guess I’m not the only one. Does anyone have experience with Spanx? I was looking at some in Nordstrom but I didn’t know what type I should get. For this occasion, my blazer saved me. After a long day, Bobby and I went to the Lori Goldstein event, where we met up with Christine, Jordana, Claire, Karen and Audrey, among others. I ate all the macarons (made by Audrey) I wanted…and then continued the festivities with guacamole and other tex mex delights. Sorry, but food always wins over fashion – especially when accompanied by friends!

Outfit Details:
Hulk Dress – courtesy of Rachel Rachel Roy
tights – Target
Felicita heels – courtesy of Nine West
ADAM blazer – Gilt
Madison Brynne bag – courtesy of Coach

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. Your body is amazing!! Seriously, are are far too hard on yourself. πŸ™‚ I have some shorts spanx that aren't super high waisted. i got them at burlington coat factory.

    i'm wearing a formal dress to a ball soon that is calling for some new, better spanx!

  2. I have a Slim Cognito Shaping Mid-Thigh Bodysuit and a Slim Cognito Mid-Thigh Shaper. The body suit seems to work a little better at holding everything in (the fabric is less giving) but is seriously a pain in the butt to wear all day. The mid thigh shaper gets an 8 or 9 on holding everything in and is a whole lot more comfortable! I suggest going to Marshalls or somewhere similar to get a better price. Definitely don't buy the cheaper version of spanx (Assets @ Target) because the legs roll up and the fabric is bulky. And I also stick my stomach out when wearing tighter dresses. I think it's just me trying to breathe!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations! Don't worry, I'm not being hard on myself – I just think it might be a little more flattering/less nerve wracking if I have something to keep me from looking preggos. I was looking at Nordstrom because I have a gift card, but then I looked at Nordstrom Rack and they had a lot of them there, too! I will also check Marshalls. Might as well get a good deal!

  4. Spanx are great…but massivly uncomfortable. Frankly you look damn good without, so why put yourself through misery for no reason? You are an inspiration; you always look good in your own style.

  5. Love that dress!

    Let us know if you try Spanx. I have always been curious about how comfortable they are. Seems like the tops of dresses like this fit but the bottom is where things get a little tight.

  6. Yes, I admit it! I have worn spanx, and they are quite slimming…in the sense that they really do smooth out body lines. The kind I use are high-waisted, and tight through the thigh. Not very good for any kind of mini though because the extra reinforcement will show.

  7. wow, you look amazing! that dress is awesome anyway, and it looks great on you.

    I personally don't think you need spanx, but I do the same thing with my stomach! I've never tried them either.

  8. The dress looks great without Spanx, but if they'd make you feel better or more comfortable (well maybe not literally…) then go for it. I wear them a lot under pencil skirts and some more body-con dresses and they can be a savior. They can also be really uncomfortable. I like the original spanks that come in a package. I don't know the specific style name.

  9. what a great dress!! i must say i love spanx..ive gotten some at nordstrom and ive gotten similar ones at target. they just kinda even everything out. not super comfortable at 1st but you get used to it. it might not look like a huge difference in pics but for me i just feel more confident because everything seems just a tad bit tighter…ha ha

    good luck!


  10. I absolutely love that you eat without guilt! πŸ™‚

    I wanted Spanx for the same reason, to wear it with body con dresses, do let us know if you find the perfect one. I want one that smooths everything out from under the bust to the hips/thighs?

  11. AMEN about food trumping fashion especially when you're with friends. gah, so many bloggers/fashionistas will starve themselves and do anything to look the way they think they should. honestly, when you can fill out a bodycon dress i think it's a million times more flattering.
    i know what you mean about pooching out though (that sounds so strange! haha) and i never thought to try spanx, so thanks for the suggestion! =]

    by the way, that dress and that print are absolutely beautiful.

  12. Wow, that dress is beautiful! From the pictures it doesn't look like you need Spanx at all! But I guess we all put on our best sucking-in for pictures πŸ™‚

    I have a pair that go up over my belly and down over my thighs. I wear them when I'm wearing a tighter top or a high waist skirt. I wish now though that I had skipped out on the part that overs my thighs because it tends to roll up all the time and drives me crazy.

  13. I was loving the artistic print of this dress but when I got to the zipper detail, I fell in love even more! So pretty!

    (And I do the same thing when wearing tight dresses. At a recent event I was wearing something pretty tight and had to get on stage at one point and there were lots of cameras. I THOUGHT I was sucking it in but when I saw the photos my boyfriend took, apparently I was not. Oh well!)

  14. great dress! πŸ™‚

    After i had my daughter i invested in a pair of 'nude' spanx. They were the shorts kind with the REALLY high waist!
    They really do hold you in and dont ride up (on the leg), or roll down (on the waist)

  15. I enjoy your blog and I'm one of the ones who's been familiar with you since the livejournal days!

    BUT… I can only look at your lovely pictures and I try not to read the words because you put yourself down in every single post. I'm not sure if you completely believe these things or if youre trying to relate to your audience and seem modest (which I believe you sincerely are). Its already clear that youre a down-to-earth person. just a thought…