Pete and Repeat

Outfit Details:
thrifted silk shirt
ADAM satin crepe blazer – via Gilt and their amazing sale zip side jeans – courtesy of Jessica Simpson Collection
Steve Madden Caryssa Pumps – replaced by Steve Madden, woohoo! Excellent customer service.
Coach Madison Brynne Bag – courtesy of Coach
belt – thrifted (only worn in loops in the front; the rest is cinching my top)

h&m shirt ($5!)
ADAM satin crepe blazer – via Gilt zip side jeans – courtesy of Jessica Simpson Collection
Seychelles Hawk platform wedges – courtesy of Seychelles
Coach Madison Brynne Bag and sunglasses – courtesy of Coach
belt – thrifted
I wasn’t kidding when I said I’ve been wearing jeans a lot, lately. The weather has been cooler and it’s just so easy to throw on a pair of jeans and jet out the door. This chilly weather crept up on me and I need to get some new tights and socks!

I decided to post two outfits at once because they’re basically the same exact thing, with a different top and different shoes. Really…I wore the same thing two days in a row. I did, however, end up switching up the first look with flats for a walk to Cobble Hill. Let’s be honest – no one should be walking that far in five inch heels. Especially not a pigeon toed, clumsy gal like me.

Is it just me or are they actually taking curves into account when making jeans, these days? I usually have the worst luck with jeans, but the last three pairs I have received – Tory Burch, Hudson, and Jessica Simpson – have all fit rather well. My usual issues with denim are that they either flatten out my bum, have that huge gap in the back, are super short or give the dreaded muffin top. Trying on jeans is depressing. Oddly enough, Forever 21’s $12 jeans fit rather well. So do the pricier 4 stroke jeans, whose sample sizes are 28 (my size – lucky me!). It’s like everyone woke up and realized that some girls might have hips, but then they forgot to let me know about their epiphany…and I’m just now finding out.

Now that fashion week is in full effect, I’m back to my usual skirts and dresses. I’ll post more when I’m on more than two hours of sleep. In the meantime, nap nap nap for me. I have so much work to do and a full day ahead of me!

Love Love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. LuTaNiA says:

    I WANT that jeans! 😀
    Looks so perfect on you, omg I'm jealous!