Pretty Woman

Outfit Details:
the sweetest little bow belt – courtesy of Darlingtonia
polka dotted skirt – thrifted
Seychelles wedges – can’t remember
vintage blouse – courtesy of Retro Threadz
bag – courtesy of Coach

I had “Pretty Woman” stuck in my head after I purchased this skirt. That’s not uncommon, since Roy Orbison has a couple of spots on my playlist, but then I remembered that Miss Vivian Ward wore a brown and white polka dotted dress in the movie. I guess my subconscious made that connection long before I did. I didn’t wear it to the races, but I did go to Stone Park Cafe for a delicious brunch with Edward Lewis Bobby.

And then a bird pooped on me and this shall forever be known as the poop skirt.
The end.

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. hahaha ohhh I'm sorry about the bird! the way you just added that bit in at the end was really funny though.

    it's such a pretty skirt! you have a talent for making vintage look so modern and hip.

  2. I love this whole outfit! I feel like it's something I could wear, as a curvier woman. The skirt is modest, but so gorgeous and sexy.

    (I hope you don't take that as an insult. I think you're wonderful!)


  3. I heard bird poop signifies good luck! It's an old wives tale, apparently.

    I love your outfit! The contrast between the modest length skirt and then the sheer blouse is so pretty. Is that your side tattoo that I see in the third picture? So cute! Did it hurt?

  4. My dad used to like to tell the story about how a bird dive bombed my mom. My mom immediately exclaimed.

    "You dirty bird!"

    Just one of those little family stories.

  5. I used to love that song! My mom had a brown polka dot dress around the time of Pretty Woman and as a seven year old, I thought it was the epitome of elegance and all things fancy.

    I don't often leave comments (I'm shy …), but I wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog's style. Yours was the first blog I came across that wasn't just simply OOTD and "There's a sale!!!!" Did that make sense? Oy, probably not. Anyways, you rock. I think that sums it up pretty nicely.

    If you would check out my blog, I'd appreciate it. πŸ™‚


  6. You certainly are a pretty woman! This outfit is so perfect, all the way from the blouse to the belt to the wonderful skirt! Those shoes are incredible too. I really want a cute and delicate blouse like that – eeep…I need to find one! Hope you're having a great day Keiko. x

  7. Love this outfit. I actually have a very similar vintage skirt I found this summer-only mine is blue. Been looking for a better shirt to wear with it though- love you shirt and that belt is adorable!

    So sad but funny about the bird pooping on you. I hear it's good luck if a bird poops on you πŸ™‚


    Is that a tattoo under you arm I see? Love!

  8. EVERY time I see brown with white polka dots I think of "Pretty Woman." And someday I'll have that dress, dammit.

    So sorry bird poop has sullied your Vivian Ward skirt!

  9. GOD! This Outfit is a real vision.
    You're looking downright stunning!:)
    The beautiful dotted skirt and the cute, lacy blouse together
    – pure perfection! Pretty Woman!!!:)
    xx, Alice from bells and whistles

  10. I very recently discover your blog..

    so classy and beautiful; the way a girl is meant to look.

    Your hair! love your hair! the way you put it in a bun. i've tried it but no success.

    Would you be able to do a post or video on it?