to make her glow.

The other day, Bobby and I went to Coach’s Bleecker store to check out the Fall collection. My friend Vanessa invited me with this preface: “…though I love that you still rock your Cambridge, the kitty marks have got to go!!” Aw, poor Cambridge. That bag has served me well. I’m still not going to let it die; it really is my favorite…but I now have a new everyday bag! This must be my lucky week! I ended up picking out the Madison Brynne in a beautiful greyish taupe and I couldn’t be happier. It has the sturdy handles and a chain strap that slips through the bottom, when not in use. Kim made me promise to keep it away from the kitties, which I am absolutely adhering to.

Afterward, Bobby and I went on a little drive to Long Island. On the way home, I fell asleep (I always do) and the last picture is a result of me sleepily trying to get out of the car and failing, twice. All I remember is waking up and saying, “Can I borrow your glasses? My eyes are sleepy.” That makes no sense, but nothing ever does when I’m sleepy. He obliged, like a gentleman. He didn’t even look at me strangely when I groggily asked him if he could take my outfit photo.

Outfit Details:
sheer black jacket – beacon’s closet
lace camisole – thrifted
bow belt – thrifted
brown wrap shirt – express, years ago
glasses – Bobby’s
scalloped shorts – courtesy of Queen’s Wardrobe
Coach Madison Brynne bag – courtesy of Coach
peep toe platforms – courtesy of Nine West

Love love,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. This has nothing to do with the post (except the title), but I’m listening to one of my “happy songs” right now. Some songs that never fail to make me smile are The Cure – Just Like Heaven, The Bird and the Bee – My Love, Broken Social Scene – All to All, Michael Jackson – PYT, Ray LaMontagne – You Are the Best Thing…and so many others. Sometimes I will listen to one of my happy songs right before bed, to make sure I go to sleep with something positive in my head. I already asked my twitter followers, and now I’m asking you! What are your happy songs?

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  1. Ooh, I was just about to ask if you got some cute new specs, but I see they were on loan. Tres adorable! I happen to love girls in glasses, and not just because I wear them myself.

  2. Yay, glad you were able to get a new everyday bag! The cambridge was great but it's always nice to change it up!
    LOVE the bow belt! And LOVE Ray Lamontagne's You are the Best Thing… happy just thinking about it 😀

  3. Just Like Heaven is my favourite song of all time! I remember saying that to someone and they said "Your favourite song is called Just Like Kevin?" I guess I should work on my pronunciation!
    Anyway you look gorgeous, I love the new bag!

  4. Ever since Jersey Shore, I thought Coach was a rather tacky brand, so I was surprised to see that your bag was from Coach! It does not look like something Snookie would carry. I didn't realize Coach made bags without those god-awful interlocking C's and now I'm beginning to change my mind about them.

  5. those glasses are so adorable on you, and i LOVE that coach bag. gorgeous.

    just like heaven is also one of my happy songs, along with shimmy shimmy quarter turn by hellogoodbye and capital h by motion city soundtrack.

  6. "Can I borrow your glasses? My eyes are sleepy." So cute! I have been known to say such funny things like that when I first wake up too. After seeing Inception I woke up and told my friend that I needed to get a glass of water but I couldn't because I was stuck in my dream. So silly!
    I think a lot of my happy songs are Paul Simon, they remind me of dancing around with my parents when I was a little kid. Also 'Janglin' by Edward Sharpe, 'Bobcat Tracks' by Old Crow Medicine Show and 'Take it Easy' by Surfer Blood.

  7. As a former employee and still huge fan of Coach, this Madison bag is fantastic! The color looks much more taupey in your photos than the photos on Coach's website. The website photos look more gray. Also the Cambridge collection was fantastic! I loved the deep plum and metallic blue colors from that collection!

  8. I adooooore your shoes! And you look lovely as well, of course.

    When I need a little pick-me-up, I usually go for oldskool songs that I can fullscale singalong to. 'Boogie wonderland' from Earth Wind & Fire brightens me up like no other. Also 'Does your mother know' (Abba), 'How do you do' (Roxette) and pretty much anything by The Kooks.

  9. Wild Thing – The Troggs, Doctor Doctor – UFO. Sort of cheery-angry energy, but in a very, very good way 🙂 Those shoes are just beautiful!


  10. keiko your so lovely! how do you do it?

    i can't think of a happy song at the moment but any Beatles song makes me happy actually 🙂

  11. I love how all of your looks have an element of cuteness to them
    happy songs: Sleeping In by the Postal Service, She's Got You High by Mumm-Ra, ooh definitely Here Comes the Sun!

  12. You look peachy!! Love the outfit, especially how you combined the nude/brown/black into such a great combo.

    One of my favorite happy songs is Do You Believe In Magic? by The Lovin' Spoonful!! One of the best songs ever.

  13. One of my happy songs:Lily Allen (the only song from her I really like) – Smile
    And also Norah Jones – Sunrise and Fiona Apple – Criminal!

    Love your outfit and the colors (:

  14. SCALLOPED SHORTS?! Omg, I love.

    Nice purse find — looks versatile, sturdy and beautiful.

    My happy songs:
    Mostar Diving Club: "The Honey Tree"
    Otis Redding: "Try A Little Tenderness"
    Lykke Li: "Little Bit"

  15. songs:
    "Romeo's Tune," Steve Forbert – great song (1970s)
    "Tenderness," General Public
    "Steal My Sunshine," Len
    "Postcards from Italy,"( Beirut kind of happy + sad)
    "Fairytale of New York," The Pogues (also kind of a bittersweet mixture)
    "4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)" Bruce Springsteen
    "Rosalita," Bruce Springsteen
    "Chicago, "Sufjan Stevens

  16. Those queen's wardrobe shorts have been haunting me all summer and I still haven't gotten them! They look fabulous on you though, must say.

    Also? Love love that bag – it's fantastic!

  17. I love this. The sweater with the belt and then those shorts are really neat. I have a similar COACH Madison bag, actually 3 (wanted 1 or 2, but owning three was unintentional and a long, long story).