Funny Valentine

My grandma is 5’8, I am 5’7 (I have my flats on in the last picture) and my grandpa is 6’6! Yes, he was a basketball player!

Outfit Details:
silk blouse – thrifted
belt – thrifted
red leather skirt – thrifted
tights – target
MAC clutch – courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff
Senso shoes – courtesy of Solestruck

This wedding has me way behind on everything! I finished my sister’s dress (whew!) but now I’m working on decorations and the bachelorette night out. Time is flying by and we still have so much to do. This isn’t even my wedding and I’m stressed out beyond belief. I hope we can pull it off!

These photos are from fashion week (not Valentines’ Day, as my outfit suggests…) when my grandparents were in town. My grandma accompanied me to the Rebecca Minkoff show. She had such an amazing time; I couldn’t be happier that I was able to share this little part of my life with her – especially since her birthday was nearing (September 16th – the day after my grandpa’s and my birthday). It was the perfect show to bring her to, since the clothing is so wearable and chic. The clothes, the bags, the shoes (first collection!) – this was by far my favorite collection of hers. As much as I love fashion in all its forms, I especially appreciate when the clothing can easily transition from the runway to my closet. That is, if my bank account agreed. More photos after the jump!

Love Love,
Keiko Lynn

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  1. Your grandparents look so young! How old are they?!

    Love how stylish your g-ma is, and your grandpa is so tall (as are mine: 6'3 & 6'4 -but used to be 6'6-) – they are adorable.

    So sweet you got to share such a great experience with her.

    Happy belated birthday, BTW!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  2. Your parents really do look young. I am amazed that your grandma likes fashion – if I think of mine, well she is way more oldfashioned:-) And I love your leather skirt.

  3. the picture of you & your granparents is so cute.

    i kinda wanna be you (but not in a weird, stalkerish way!)

    perfect outfits & lovely makeup 😉

  4. A couple of years ago, one of my closest friends got married with four months' notice and asked me to be her "lady of honour" (she vetoed the term "maid") slash wedding planner. I don't think I'd ever devoted so much time, energy and concentration to another person before – there was so much to do and it was incredibly stressful at times. But get it done we did, pulling off a wedding with 150 guests and no (obvious!) slip-ups on a small budget, preceded by an awesome hen (British for bachelorette) day. My friends were so happy on the day that they were oblivious to any imperfections (ahem! there were none) – everything was just part of a wonderful, personal day to them. I've done this twice more since, despite claiming that big formal weddings aren't my thing. Anyway, moral of the story, I'm sure you'll pull it off too, even if you can't quite see how at this point. I've been reading your blog, commentless, for upwards of six months and you come across as very resourceful.

    On another note, your grandparents' debut appearance is lovely (we think my grandma is 4'5", incidentally) and red and pale pink is a favourite colour combination of mine.

  5. I really like this outfit! I love how you combined all these shades of pink and red, and made them work so well together!
    The Rebecca Minkoff collection is indeed beautiful and wearable! I especially like the grey top with cutouts on the sides, from the first photo of the collection.

  6. Aww the pic with your grandparents are so adorable!! love your outfit.. 🙂 You always inspire me, thanks for sharing! <3<3 Happy belated bday to you, your grandma and grandpa!! It's nice to have bdays close to each other!!


  7. Absolutely adore you and your style – I have been following your blog for a couple of months now and really like the fact that most of the things you wear are thrifted – how wonderful! Not everything fashionable and gorgeous need to be expensive or branded. Well done.