The Giving Tree

Even in South Florida, it began feeling like Fall. My sister had the most beautiful weather for her wedding (I’m working on a huge wedding post for the weekend).

Every day, with the help of my now-brother-in-law’s fancy truck (what a guy! He let me borrow it the whole time), I ran around town, doing the usual wedding planning and panicking. In between the errands and generally running around like a crazy person, I would pick up two of my favorite girls from their schools – one from high school (insanity), the other from pre-K. Roxy’s school happens to be adjacent to the church parking lot near my mom’s house, where I used to play. There was a large, beautiful tree that we called our club house; it was the absolute best tree for climbing. We each had a “room” and decorated accordingly (in our imaginations). Even in middle school, we used to run our lines for our school play while lounging on the tree’s limbs. It was our very own Giving Tree. The church ladies always yelled at us for playing in the tree; they were a crabby bunch.

When I reached high school, they cut the tree down. Now there is only a gazebo.

I suppose it will have to do. We don’t have much of a choice.

Outfit Details:
Thrill Seeker Jacket – courtesy of ModCloth
Pumpkin Pie dress – courtesy of Spotted Moth
Romance boots – courtesy of Seychellesstick – Roxy’s wand (she traded me for the Coach bag – the girl knows what she wants)
pen in my hair – oops

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  1. Oh wow! I love your story about the tree 😀 Makes me nostalgic!
    Love the outfit the colours are so bright yet so perfectly fall!
    Adorable photos and she looks like she has so much energy 😀


  2. That's so sad that the giving tree gave away to a gazebo– though gazebos can be pretty nice, I heard. My favorite part of the story had to be when you said you decorated each "room" in your imaginations– that sounds so fun!

    Also, all three of you look adorable and fantastic. Damn you, photogenic family! xD

    Toast with Charmalade

  3. Oh what a lovely story and these Pictures are too cute!;) Love your Outfit. Especially the Pumpkin Pie dress (what a sweet name:) and your boots. xx, Alice 🙂