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Happy Halloween!

These are the most last minute costumes – even more last minute than last year! Originally, I wanted to be Kelly Kapowski and have Bobby be Zack, but he wasn’t into the idea. He also thought he was working, so I settled on being Holly Hobbie. Up until this morning, that was the plan. But then we found out he didn’t have to work, so we had to figure something out for him. I just went through the closets and found everything to be Alice and the white rabbit. We just made the pocket watch out of a wall clock (popped out the back and made a new one) and a vintage chain, and I sewed my bow headband. Miku’s squirrel costume didn’t really go with the theme, so we borrowed Bobby’s accessories for the pictures. What do you think? Did we pull it off?

What were you for Halloween?

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  1. So ridiculously cute! I really prefer the last-minute costumes, anyway. One year my mister and I dressed up as Toad and Toadette from the Mario Brothers games! But that wasn't for Halloween. It was just for fun on a Thursday, I think.

  2. You make SUCH a perfect Alice, Keiko! You two are just the cutest couple ever, pretty much. I would never have guessed that these were last minute costumes!

  3. adorable! I really love your costume. I can't believe you just had that all laying around the house!

    I did a post on my blog with my costume today, too! I don't have nice pictures though – my plans were kind of last minute so I resorted to the point and shoot.

  4. Keiko you look adorable as Alice!! and you and Bobby are one of the most good looking couples i've ever seen! u're too cute!
    Hope you had a good Halloween!