Introducing Amanda and Jonathan Fiske!

Here’s a quick preview of my sister’s wedding. I have at least a bajillion of my own photos to go through, and my mom is meeting up with the photographer this evening!

The wedding was very low key and beautiful. I think we proved that you can have an incredible wedding on a tiny budget – it just takes a lot of team work! It also helped that we had a venue (my mom’s ranch) – but it required a ton of work to make it suitable for a wedding.

I made Amanda’s dress (she wore it with a Darlingtonia bow belt), Kim made her hairpiece, Amanda did her own makeup and Bobby, friends and family took care of the food. Tessa, my friends and I made all of the decorations. More details to come! I’m just being a slow-poke because I’m rather sickly at the moment.

Love Love,
Keiko Lynn

p.s. I also made the sign they are holding – I cut out all of those freaking letters by hand. I had blisters the next day! But it looked cute.

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  1. your sister's makeup is beautiful! i sorta thought she looked like you and then i realized you were related! can't wait to see more of the wedding pics, i too am getting married soon on a teeny budget!


  2. Aww! Your sister looks absolutely gorgeous LOVE her makeup and her dress is stunning it looks simple but elegant. I love that hairpiece to. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding.

    Feel Better Keiko!!!!

  3. How lovely, I think low key weddings are more fun! Great job on the sign, can't wait to see all the pictures!

    Your sister looks beautiful!Do you know what lipstick she was wearing? I love it. 🙂

  4. The dress is beautiful! Amazing!

    I'm planning my wedding now. It is so easy to get caught up in the spend, spend, spend mentality. Our goal is to keep costs low, while still keeping it classy and in our style.

    I bought by 1950's wedding dress on ebay and the top half is currently being re-styled by a dress maker to make it more updated. I love making your dress truly your own rather than just picking one off the rack!


  5. Of COURSE you made your sister's dress…..It's so beautiful. I don't know why the thought didn't cross my mind until I actually read that you did. But it makes total sense!

    You did such a great job!!!
    And that sign is fantastic too. Great work. Would love to learn more about your low budget wedding, if you're game to share.

    And your sister is gorgeous too!

  6. Her dress is lovely! And I love the sign!! Now you have me wanting one like that for my wedding! But maybe I'll do what your sister did and have my sister cut it out for me… 😀

    Anyway, great job!! It all looks beautiful!

    ~ Katie

  7. Gorgeous. Everything is gorgeous. Your sister, her dress you made, these photos! I especially love the photograph of her with the horse (and that the horse has his ears forward, I hate when I see photography with horses and no one pays attention if the ears are forward or pinned back!)

  8. I love the pictures and they look amazing!!! Low key wedding is so wonderful with family and friends helping 🙂 Love the dress and the make up your sister did. 😀 Can't wait to see more pictures!!