Going to Gossip Girl brb

Outfit Details:
Alternative Apparel button down with rib knit side panels – courtesy of Alainn Bella
black tights – We Love Colors (time for another order…running low on tights!)
vintage plaid skirt – Urban Outfitters (since when do they sell vintage??)
vintage beaded hat – my mom’s store, Hourglass Consignment
Seychelles booties – courtesy of Seychelles (last year)
vintage woven purse – gift from my mom
Jack by BB Dakota coat – courtesy of ModCloth

Yesterday, I went out looking like I was going to a casting for Gossip Girl. You know, sometimes that just happens and I roll with it. To further embrace the schoolgirl silliness of it all, I purchased and amazing panda hat and switched before dinner. It just seemed necessary at the time; it was frigid and windy last night and the hat is essentially a stuffed panda. My ears thanked me and I got smiles all the way home. Also some laughs, but that’s to be expected!

p.s. Use the code “keiko” to get 20% off your purchase at Alainn Bella!

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  1. Urban Outfitters started out selling vintage and remade vintage clothing and accessories. They still do but at a much smaller scale.

  2. Cute skirt and hat! It's okay, I know we all love to indulge in our inner Gossip Girl from time to time πŸ˜‰ Haha if you wore that hat here in SF, you'd probably get a lot of cheers and GO GIANTS from the natives; "Panda" is the nickname of one of our players, and consequently a lot of people don panda hats around here (especially with the recent World Series win).

  3. keiko, can you please make a post on how to get flawless coverage with foundation along with the foundation(s) you love and your routine. that would be so amazing!

  4. Nnenna and Polina: I would definitely recommend the coat. It has a great fit and it's so cute. But reinforce the buttons because I lost one! Luckily, it came with a spare – but I learned my lesson. Especially with shank buttons, manufacturers don't properly secure them. FYI I'm wearing a small and it fits rather well – it runs true to size.

    Also, ModCloth has a great return policy if anything doesn't work out.

  5. I did not know UO sold vintage either but last week while casually browsing I saw a label called urba renewal which kind of looked not so new to me and the items were in bizarre sizes …so after a little asking around I found out that is their vintage label…who knew!

    Love your look, totally channeling blair waldorf.

    From Toronto, Canada

  6. . . i had wanted that coat. I kinda feel weird getting coats that I see bloggers wearing though, if that makes sense. :: sigh :: but boy is it a beautiful coat and looks like a better version of my beat down one I've been wearing over the years. cute skirt!!!

  7. I'm from Portland, Oregon, and if you're ever there, go to the Buffalo Exchange on Hawthorne. When I was in high school and college I insisted on wearing only vintage, and I got it all from that Buffalo Exchange. It's so fantastic.

    I love the outfit, especially the coat! πŸ™‚

  8. Is it too much of a psycho thing that I'm totally in love with you right now? I LOVE pandas, I'm completely obsessed and own a bunch of things – from stuffed panda bears to mugs to sweaters that are panda related. And even though it never gets cold enough to actually wear a panda hat where I live, in Brazil, I just cannot imagine the rest of my life without one of those!

  9. Adorable panda hat! My friends have the exact same one (I'm wondering where I could purchase one…=___=)

    Love the gossip girl outfit. I don't know if I'm just totally unoriginal if I say love gossip girl fashion, but at least for me, I've always found the show's styling to be innovative. ;P Every piece they wear is so deliberate and lovely (though completely out of my price range I'd imagine!)