Here Comes the Sun

Outfit Details:
Supadupa Vintage shredded tee – from a gift bag at the Seychelles preview
BB Dakota skirt – courtesy of LuLu*s
Romance boots – courtesy of Seychelles
MAC clutch – courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff
dangle bag charms – made it at my friend’s DIY party

Last week, the temperature got high enough in the afternoon to completely ditch the coat and tights. I took that opportunity and ran with it. It lasted for all of two hours before I went home and put on pajama pants and socks, but it was a lovely couple of hours nonetheless. I do think I’ll wear opaque tights with this skirt next time; I was a little afraid my bum might make a guest appearance (luckily, it did not).

I’m afraid today will require a coat and scarf, which is unfortunate because it’s difficult to thrift and shop with excess layers. That’s my plan for today – thrifting and a little Christmas shopping. To prepare, I woke up extraordinarily early for a Sunday morning and ate a slice of pumpkin pie for breakfast. Being an adult has its perks.

p.s. Little puppy returns!

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  1. This outfit looks so perfectly effortless!

    I plan on doing some vintage shopping pretty quick too. SO much fun (if you're in the mood for it).

    I never attempted vintage or thrift shopping in NY the few times i've been there but I think that'll be my goal for my next trip.


  2. You look great! And I can really feel your happiness about the temperature going up, I need me some sunshine here in the UK!




  3. Haha, I tried on this skirt, and was also afraid that my bum might show! And it's also so funny to see how different the weather is right now across the blogosphere… I laughed when I saw you with bare legs and a teeshirt, as I'm shivering underneath a wool coat, gloves & boots, and there is already lots of snow on the ground!

  4. Aaaah I live in constant fear of bum exposure when I wear bodycon things. It is funny how annoying it is to wear layers while thrifting. I forget sometimes and do something silly like wear 9 eyelet boots with socks, tights, a slip, a dress, and a cardi. At that point I have to be pretty much set on buying something to try it on 😛

  5. gorgeous casual outfit! i agree that being an adult does have its perks! i've eaten too many things for breakfast that my mom probably would've disapproved of. 🙂

  6. Pumpkin pie! Breakfast! YES! YES! YES! hehe.

    I've been trying to shred my own shirt but it's sooo time consuming. It takes forever – have you ever done one?

    Isn't it soo nice when the weather surprises us… in a good way? 😉

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  7. Okay, I know this sounds creepy, but I'm more obsessed with that puppy that anything else in this post! I love his second "surprise" appearance. He is so cute! I think you said his owner ties him while she sweeps outside? Whatever it is, I hope he is well taken care of. He looks a little scruffy…I just want to bathe him and get him all soft and fluffy for some cuddling time! Okay, I'll stop typing now before this post gets any creepier, lol.