My apology

If you follow me on facebook or  twitter, you probably already know why I haven’t updated in a few days. My macbook pro, a whopping six months old, is currently at Tekserve for a disk recovery attempt after a hard drive failure. I have the worst luck with electronics. You might remember that I got the macbook pro because my stepdad accidentally broke my macbook. It fell off of the bookshelf- and then an iron bookend fell on top of it.

Luckily, I’ve gotten much better about backing up my files. Unluckily, I lost the adapter for my external drive when I was in Florida, so I haven’t backed up since my sister’s wedding. I did, however, have the foresight to back up most of the wedding photos on my ftp. Go, Keiko! Everything else is in the hands of Tekserve. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I am borrowing Bobby’s macbook at the moment but it is super slow (I mean super slow), so everything is taking forever. I still plan on putting up Makeup Monday, but I have an engagement to attend to – so it won’t be up until later tonight. Thank you for your patience!

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  1. Oh, dear! What terrible luck. Still, awfully nice to know you aren't dead, or trapped under a rock in Central Park or something. Can't wait until you're up and running and adorable again.

  2. i feel your pain! i just had to buy a new macbook pro because my 5 year old ibook decided to die! i was able to get all my photos off of it (thank goodness), but was so happy to know my blog was floating safely out in there in internet land, untouched and unscathed! good luck!


  3. oh no! how devastating! i am crossing my fingers (and toes!) for the speedy recovery of your macbook.

    i remember when something like that happened to me…only worse, it was my external hard drive that died! so much for my plan b! it's still in my freezer (out of desperation, i read that freezing it might bring it back to life, but alas, no such luck). i have a hard time letting go. hopefully your computer will be up and running in no time and we can all enjoy more posts from you soon!