Party Hard

Did I mention that Kim and I met Andrew W.K. and it was awesome? Lord and Taylor must have been taking note of his party tips, because they threw a good party to celebrate their new look (complete with ladies bedecked in roses, aerialists, pretty ladies , and lots of entertainment). But then again, everything is a party when Andrew W.K. is there. Here are some of my favorite party tips, equally motivational and hilarious, from AWK: PARTY TIP: Be really, really nice and listen to Slayer.PARTY TIP: Make tonight a night you’d normally regret. And then choose NOT to regret it!PARTY TIP: Go look at yourself in the mirror and say, “The rest of today is going to be a seriously kick a** party.”
PARTY TIP: Take yourself to the limit and then realize it’s only a starting point! I believe in you! You will keep going!PARTY TIP: Take a shower wearing sunglasses. It’s way more intense than you’d expect! PARTY TIP: You’re actually even more amazing than you think you are. PARTY TIP: Used at the right time, a fistful of confetti can blow minds.PARTY TIP: Laugh at yourself and make fun of your life. The worst thing to take too seriously is you.PARTY TIP: Think how awesome it would be if you gave someone a surprise pair of socks today!PARTY TIP: You have the right to dress and look any way you want. Anyone who says otherwise is deeply confused about partying.PARTY TIP: You really are a beautiful person – even if you haven’t realized it yet.
 Note: I don’t drink, but he insisted that we hold beers for the picture.

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  1. I said it on facebook, and I'll say it here: I'm insanely jealous! I love AWK so much, he has such an amazing outlook on life, he seems like such a great guy. Not to mention he's totally hot.

  2. isn't he amazing? I got to hang out with Andrew WK and interview him for work this past summer. I'd just gone through an insanely rough breakup and he was like a complete breath of fresh air (he has such an amazing perspective on life). So stoked you got to meet him!

  3. keiko, you just look like such a cool person! like, someone really nice to have as friend! and so does kim! you two must have so much fun together!

  4. hahahaha Andrew W.K. is from my hometown. He played water polo in my highschool just a few years before me and got the whole boy's team in trouble for some hazing thing that they did to another kid on the team. Silly Andrew.