Pretty hands do pretty things

Sunday was a super busy day. Super super duper busy. I passed out on the couch when I got home and woke up to Bobby trying to feed me sushi for dinner. He was literally trying to feed me a tuna roll while I was sleeping. It’s a really odd thing to wake up to.

The morning, however, was exceedingly pleasant. I met with the lovely Allister Ann for an early brunch at Balthazar, followed by a little walk around SoHo and the East Village. It was my first time meeting Allister but I’ve heard so much about her through our mutual friend Jeremy, it seemed as though I’ve known her a long time. She’s just the way I imagined – super charming and adorable, and ridiculously talented to boot. Check out her photography and get to know her on her blog; she is sure to become your new girl crush.

That little dog is often outside, patiently waiting while his mom sweeps up the sidewalk. He’s a funny little dog. Doesn’t he look concerned?

The rest of my day consisted of boring work and business shenanigans that I won’t bore anyone with, but I did find time to spend with Bobby on his one day off. I made this dress the night before as a break from work (which makes no sense, since work = sewing), so I also made sure to take some photos of my outfit. It’s technically a reconstruction of a dress that Kim picked up at a thrift store or possibly Jet Rag, but the only part I left in tact is the very bottom tier. I treated the rest as regular fabric; it was a truly hideous dress but had pretty little details.  I wish I would remember to take before pictures but I’m always so impatient. I had enough trim left to stitch to the top tier, which was a happy coincidence. I hope Kim likes the dress because it is hers! I had to turn the belt around for a couple of the pictures, for obvious reasons. My mom found my old belt in storage and gave it to me when I was home for Amanda’s wedding. I had to put another hole in it to get it to fit (and I use the term “fit” loosely) but I’m so happy to have it back! I wish I had pictures of me in all of my western gear on my little pony…I really thought I was the coolest kid.

Outfit Details:dress – self madechiffon jacket – estate salesocks – forever 21Seychelles Platinum boots – courtesy of ModClothKeiko belt – Grif’s western wear, a gift from my mom when I was littlesweater coat – thrifted and alteredginger leather satchel – courtesy of Coach

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  1. I adore this outfit!

    I am wondering how you curl your hair? This is the exact style I'm trying to do to my hair. Trying being the word as I'm failing horribly. Any tips?

    Kirsty xo

  2. That dress is gorgeous! I'm picturing some of those ugly sleeved lace dresses that were popular in the late '80s as the before picture and I'm amazed at what you made out of it! That belt is awesome, I love getting new old stuff from my parents when I go to visit!

  3. @Kirsty she has a tutorial that teaches you how to style her hair just like that, it's just a few posts behind. Ok, a lot of posts behind.
    Keiko you should really install a search button :D.
    You outfit is beautiful!


  4. I'm sure tons of people (me definitely included) would LOVE if you would post some tutorials of your re-makes. Or at least before/afters for some inspiration as to what can be done with a hideous thrifted dress. πŸ™‚

    – Patricia

  5. gorgeous dress! And I love the belt. I had one like that back in the day…my friend Taryn and I got them together to wear to the Smoky Mountains. Why? I have no idea…I think it was to impress a boy.

  6. whether you like it or not, you always look put together, and pretty cute πŸ™‚ I've been meaning to ask you how you can wear heeled shoes for extended periods of time (like out of the house), I'd like to have 'heeled' days, but it wears me out. my email is Laurel.maha@gmail.com

    I love your blog!

  7. Your hair looks amazing.
    I really like the dress too.
    Do you have any advice to give to someone who wants to learn how to sew on a machine?
    It could be a future blog post about how you learned how to sew.