Second floor living without a yard

It may be years until the day my dreams will match up with my pay…

Living in the city has its peaks and pitfalls. One thing I feel guilty about is having an itty bitty apartment with no yard for Miku to play in. I can’t wait until the day I can afford a bigger place with even a tiny yard. In the meantime, one of my very favorite things to do is take Miku to the dog park. There’s a huge, beautiful park close to the Brooklyn Bridge with gorgeous scenery; it’s Miku’s favorite spot to play. She usually runs around and plays with the other pups but always checks in with us to make sure we’re still nearby. Bobby’s work schedule has been extraordinarily hectic, so we took full advantage of his one day off (in two weeks!) and spent it with our winningest lovey dovey puppy.

Is there a happier place than a park full of joyful pups? I can’t think of many off the top of my head.

I bought this sweater at a thrift shop and altered it. It had a turtleneck and awkward sleeves. I gave it a scoop neck and used the leftover rib knit to trim some shoulder cutouts.

I also found this necklace buried deep inside of an old purse’s pocket. I thought it was lost forever! I love this necklace. Bobby thinks it’s a chicken but it’s two girls kissing. I got it a long time ago but my hard drive crashed and I lost the pictures. Then I lost the necklace. Go figure. At least I found it again. Equal rights for all!

The city is looking oh so pretty. I’m dreading the colder months ahead but I’m thrilled about the holidays! I’ve already promised myself that 2011 is going to be my year. I am determined to move to a bigger place with more space for the little critters to play. It wouldn’t hurt to have more room to work in, either.

Outfit Details:
reconstructed sweater – thrifted and alteredblush colored coat – courtesy of LuLushat – Forever 21shorts – Urban Outfitters (they’re a few years old)necklace – courtesy of Caden Grace a long time agoboots – courtesy of Wantedsocks – Nordstromtights – TargetGinger Leather Satchel – courtesy of Coach

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  1. you look so happy!

    I also want to add that you officially have the cutest and most happy dog ever. I dont usually go for dogs, but I want yours! He always looks like he's smiling!

  2. Keiko! I actually entered and won the giveaway that you had where you gave away this necklace (along with eyeshadow and an sbux card).

    It's just the cutest necklace. I actually gave it to my sister and she loves it. Equal rights for all indeed! 🙂

  3. Kelli and Q's Daydream: thank you!

    HM: I'm glad your sister liked it! The message behind it is near and dear to me.

    SMASH: Dog beach?! That sounds like a dream. In Florida we also have a horse beach. That is amaaaaazing.

  4. paperwhales: It's extra pretty in Brooklyn Heights. In my dreams, I would live on that pretty tree lined street:) Park Slope is also cute, though.

    Mary: Did he get them at Target? I think that's where Bobby got them. I like them too!

  5. Aw, I love that you used Feist lyrics here! Love her! And I looove this outfit! You look absolutely adorable – the sweater is awesome, love how you altered it! And such a sweet coat!

  6. we're planning a move to brooklyn in jan. and my biggest concern is will our lab/pit mix have enough room to play?? she does well in fla and i'm nervous to bring her to the city… thoughts?

  7. If this were amazon and I were adding to my cart, I would click on Bobby's pants, your shoulder-less sweater and those boots. All of your outfits are stellar. I feel like I could get all of my Holiday shopping done and never have to leave your blog!!

  8. I have a yard, but I still go to the dog park to my dog can socialize. Also, my city yard is pretty small.

    Our dog park doesn't have beautiful scenery, unfortunately. We only have one in our city, and it isn't in the best area.

  9. You look so irresistibly cute in that outfit!!

    I'd love to be living where you are.. the place looks great and I love a nice cold winter.
    Here in Greece the weather is still kinda hot most of the time :((

    I'll be sending you a mail some time soon if you don't mind!
    I'm amazed by the things we have in common!!

  10. adorable pictures! I love what you did with that sweater, it looks fantastic.

    I can't wait to have a pup of my own someday.. for now my mischievous kitty is company enough!

  11. I love your blog. Your style is amazing!

    I am in love with your necklace. Can you tell me where I can get one? My partner would just love it. I second, Equal rights for all!


  12. I can think of no place happier than a dog park! …. well, except maybe your closet and even then, I'd still take the dogs!

    I love when you post the alterations you've done. You do such beautiful work!

  13. The outfit in this post is really ingenious, and my colour combo of choice right now if only I could rock blush pink.

    Nude pink and grey are the ultimate wintry combo.

    The sweater. Good god, Keiko! Brilliant! I love the cut out detailing. If you're ever interested in selling this, please contact me FIRST.

    You and Bobby are the quintessential arty, nerdy sexy couple. I'm jealous.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  14. hi keiko, are you sure the boots you're wearing are the akira? i love them and want to get the same ones, but i noticed that the photo of the akira on wanted's site has a smooth sole, and the sole on your boots aren't smooth? please let me know… i want to get whichever boots you're wearing in your pics! thanks! you look so pretty as always! ~megan