Velvet and Ponies

Outfit Details:
velvet dress – forever 21
tights – we love colors
shoes – courtesy of LuLu*sbelt – my mom’s store
Rebecca Minkoff Studded Tart – courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff (crazy sale going on right now)
lace jacket – thrifted

When I was in fourth grade, all I wanted was this velvet bodysuit that had long, belled sleeves and went off the shoulders. Every trend I was fond of was a component of this one little bodysuit and I just had to have it. When my friend came to class in a similar top that was not an actual bodysuit, I made sure to remind her that come the new year, I would have its superior counterpart. We had matching bubble necklaces; it was only natural that we should also match our outfits, too.

Well, I never did get that velvet bodysuit or anything remotely similar, but this dress is a close second. I didn’t dare lament about it; once you’ve received a pony as a Christmas gift, you really can’t complain about anything. Ever.

p.s. I have a bad habit of forgetting to close my bags…it has a cute little studded strap that goes over the flap.  

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  1. SERIOSLY, HOW DO YOU MAKE EVERYTHING LOOK SO GOOD. I never thought that I'd find myself drooling over a dress that was made of crushed velvet.

  2. I saw that dress at F21 this morning, 1 AM to be exact πŸ™‚ and wanted what I believe was a navy blue or black color… I love velvet for the winter, your outfit is gorgeous as usual! The emerald color on that tart is beautiful.

  3. omg keiko you look completely awesome. I love how you look with that dress and the mix of the color of the dress with the green tart πŸ™‚
    congratulations for this great outfit.
    kisses, Pawi.

  4. i've been fascinated with velvet lately and you, my dear, pull it off without a flaw! It looks absolutely gorgeous with the dark lace and tights. That raspberry color truly pops out! And the green studded bag totally sets it off. Beautiful! xxA, thelaughslut.blogspot.com

  5. I had that velvet bodysuit when I was 10! It was hot pink, had bell sleeves and was crushed velvet. I wore it for my jazz recital that year. Now I wonder if my mom still has it…

  6. i think this is such a beautiful outfit. The color scheme really suits you. love that velvet dress-what a gorgeous color on you. and i really really want your black lace jacket-fabulous! and i love that pop of green your little purse gives the whole look. the studs are really great too.

  7. Oh ma gaaad I'm IN LOVE with your bag. And this post is making me regret big time that I didn't buy a similar lace shirt I saw at the thrift store yesterday. Oh well! I'll find a better one someday…

    And I'm really glad that velour and velvet are back! Tacky as they might be, that is some cozy shit. It makes me feel all fancy and snuggly all at once πŸ˜›