Working class boys dreaming of girls

Outfit Details:
Threadless Select patchwork wolf shirt – courtesy of Threadless and Lookbook.nu
vintage skirt – thrifted and hemmed
tights – I have no idea
socks – Forever 21
vintage hat – Bobby’s; we got it in Cape Cod
Madison Brynne bag – courtesy of Coach
Jeffrey Campbell shoes – courtesy of LuLu*s

I have a confession: I wore this top three times in the past…three days. I know, it’s gross. But I shower twice a day (I have minor OC tendencies) and I mainly just changed into it while sitting around, save for today. I just wore it with shorts and jeans (and pajama pants) around the house. A little bit of menswear inspiration in an otherwise girlie getup changed it up enough to go out. Of course, I ended up switching out the skirt for some menswear inspired shorts when the wind picked up, so call me Fickle Fanny.

This story is going nowhere. Let’s just end on this note: I’m gross. I’ll wear something different tomorrow.

p.s. Is anyone else excited about the Further Seems Forever reunion?
p.p.s. Anyone selling tickets for Weezer at Roseland (Blue Album night)? Kicking myself for not paying attention to the sale date:(

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    Gah. That was one of my favourite songs back in HS. <3
    And and and! What a cute semi-schoolgirly outfit! I adore the pattern on the skirt, and the hi desert boots with the red knee socks is genius.

  2. i usually don't ever leave comments on blogs that i read because i am lazy, but for some reason i am hooked on your blog! i think it is just because my life seems so similar to yours… growing up in florida, going to college at ucf, and falling in love with nyc. although i for some reason find myself in nicaragua, don't ask. anyway, i absolutely love your style, i love that you shop in all of the same thrift stores i went to when i lived in bushwick, i love that you live in brooklyn and i think all of the photos of you are great. it is also insanely fascinating that you make your own clothes. anyway, keep creating! i will keep reading! if you are bored (which it seems like you never are) you can read my not-as-fashionable blog… steffysprosandcons.blogspot.com


  3. sigh fall colors! how I miss the north…although living near the beach almost ties with the colors of fall…no not really…oh and I'm Karla by the way, I've read your blog, and I fell in love with your style πŸ˜€

  4. Very cute! I don't think it's so gross..if you're just sitting around the house, you don't have to wash a shirt right away.

    Oh, and I often shower twice a day too. Not always, but I always take a morning shower & will sometimes take a night one – if I got sweaty or sometimes just to feel more refreshed (when you're tired, getting into a hot shower for a few minutes can really revive you)

  5. I love the knee highs with the skirt! I am knee high obsessed this year!

    How do you go about picking out knee highs? Do you usually buy ones you like and work them into an outfit or shop for ones you know would finish a look?


  6. Absolutely no judgement on multi-day wears! I think we're all guilty! LOVING these socks – such a pretty color – and the wedges are really cute!

  7. Cool to see your hair down more these days. πŸ™‚ This outfit is fantastic, so many elements coming together so well.


  8. First time I've commented here, just because I love this outfit so much! It's perfectly quirky and colourful. Those knee high socks with tights look so cosy but sexy at the same time. Inspiring!

  9. Do those socks stay up well? I always want to wear over-the-knee socks but it seems like I was constantly having to pull up the ones I've bought in the past…I saw that Forever21 had some cute ones the other day…

  10. I really like how you combined tights with knee high socks. I'm not daring enough to wear knee highs alone (not crazy about drawing attention to my thighs) but I would wear them like this. Also, you are not gross. Even if you wear the same shirt multiple times throughout 3 days you shower 2x a day so you never really get the clothes dirty. That's my thinking anyway πŸ™‚

  11. Erin vs. Paris: I know what you mean about the socks not staying up. I have an issue with some that I got from Urban Outfitters, which stinks because they're really cute. These stay up really well. They're also $4 or something, so you really can't lose.

  12. Hi Keiko!

    I love this shirt! I am buying one from Threadless (in the "summer's passing" design), but I am unsure what size to get. Would you be so kind as to tell me what size you are wearing? It looks great on you!

    Thank you!

    Much love.

  13. I'm in love with this look – especially the skirt, and the socks/tights are one of my favorite colors for fall. I want a new plaid skirt so badly now – everyone is rocking them at all sorts of lengths! I just saw that wolf tee on Threadless today πŸ™‚ Oh, and I don't think you're gross.

  14. I can't seem to find this shirt and as I am in love with Wolves–a very hard pattern to find–and blog under the name Wolves in Lace, I was wondering if they were still selling this shirt? Maybe I just don't see it?

    Any help would be much appreciated!



  15. Keiko,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my question! I love your blog and admire you so.

    Congrats on the Coach campaign! You look stunning!

    — Kym

  16. This is one of my favorite outfit posts out of all of the blogs that I read. It's just different and cute. I love how you merchandise the colored tights. You make them look stylish and not tacky. Love it!!