Edit: Please take a second to vote for one of my readers – she is currently trying to get funding to buy French books for her class. My teachers made a huge impact on my life, so teachers always have a place in my heart! The fact that she’s doing this on her own time is really special to me. You can vote once per day and you don’t have to sign up! Just type in Meadowlands, select the listed school and you’re done. Vote for Meadowlands!

Outfit Details:
Vintage suede jacket – hand-me-down from my mom (it was hers when she was younger than me!)
vintage knit beret – thrifted
navy blouse – courtesy of LuLu*s (use KEIKO to get 15% off your order)
vintage shorts – bought in LA at jetrag
Seychelles Platinum boots – courtesy of ModCloth
socks – Forever 21
tights – Beacon’s Closet
old nine west bag – thrifted, a gift from Tessa:)

Please don’t judge my wrinkled blouse! It’s a loose fitting top and I stuffed it into a fitted, heavy jacket all day. I’ll have to show you another time when I’m not being a sloppy mess, because it’s a soft, comfy wonder of a blouse. As for the vintage shorts, they’re wool and I have a slight allergy to wool…so I can only take these out when I’m fully protected by tights.

Kim and I started out our day at the Lexington Equinox location, where we went to show our love for Greta, the brilliant force behind Fashion Me Green. Greta was hosting the launch of the sleek Derringer pedal bike, which is limited edition and has a pretty hefty price tag ($2300) to match the exclusivity. Well, this is coming from someone who picked her bike according to how well it matched Miku’s personality, so I’m not the person to consult about cycling.

Afterward, Kim and I bought way too much candy at the adjacent Dylan’s Candy Bar, went shopping for lots of socks because it’s freaking cold, and ate the most amazing brunch in history of brunch, at NoHo Star.

Eggs benedict on french toast, with apples and maple syrup! Favorite. I never know if I’ll get yelled at for taking out my bulky SLR at a restaurant, so I took this ninja-style with my slick HTC Aria, which HTC sent to me because they probably felt bad that I used my mom’s hand-me-down phone circa 2004. Hand-me-down vintage coat, good. Hand-me-down brick phone, bad. Now I’m all growed up and can take pictures and tweet on my phone.

p.s. If you aren’t familiar with Greta and her eco-friendly, fashion forward movement, please reconcile that immediately. I adore her and everything she is doing. See the green makeovers she has given to some well known style influencers at Fashion Me Green. Also, please vote for her to become Sunglass Hut’s full time fabulous blogger here!

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  1. anna rose: Thank you! The boots are very comfy – I love Seychelles because all of their shoes are so comfortable and made well. What's not comfy, however, is when I pull my tights too tight on my feet and they squish my toes! I had to readjust at the restaurant. haha.

  2. This is actually a comment re:yesterday's post… Is it possible for you to do an eyebrow tutorial sometime soon? I'm planning on getting my eyebrows shaped so I can maintain them, but don't know if I should get them plucked or threaded. I pluck them myself but I don't know how to shape them properly…

    I'm part Japanese like you and have rather strong dark brows but they're on the shorter side and I'm not sure what I can do with eyebrow pencil and the like.

    Your eyebrows always look so impossibly polished and it makes such a big difference! I'd love to learn 🙂

  3. I bought a jacket just like that once at a thrift store for three bucks, but I've never been able to style it in a way I like! I love what you did, though, and I'm excited to try out my own version now 🙂


  4. You should TOTALLY have taken out your SLR, my boyfriend and I are always wishing we had a big fancy camera so that maybe somebody might think we're food critics and give us our meal for free or something! Kind of a silly fantasy but I highly doubt they'd ever get mad at you!

  5. Dear Keiko,

    I'm so happy to have re-found you! Way back in high school (I just finished undergrad a few months ago), I used to read your blog on LJ and whimsically dream of owning some of your reconstructed clothes. I came across this blog, and I was wondering why you looked so familiar? So I opened my old LJ account, and there you were! I know you don't know me, but it was like seeing an old friend walking down the street. 🙂

  6. Cute outfit…love the boots!

    Also, it's awesome that you're helping a teacher win supplies for her class! I actually used to be a high school French teacher (I'm not pursuing a career in fashion) so I felt the need to vote!

  7. My goodness those boots are to DIE for; I've been searching for the perfect pair of affordable lace up boots! Unfortunately that pair is completely out of my price range! 🙁 I love the pops of color in your outfit (cold weather scares me into shades of gray!)

  8. And apologies for the second post, but how long can you wear those boots before the start hurting your feet (if they hurt your feet)? There seems to be a considerable heel on them, and I always see style bloggers in heels, but my feet absolutely die if I do any serious walking!

  9. I was looking through the archives of your blog a couple of weeks ago, and for some reason this outfit reminds me of the earlier ones you posted on here. I love the jacket and boots!

  10. I love this outfit! You look so amazing in it! I am definitely not judging your wrinkles I am so bad and never iron anything. My mom is embarrassed of me!

    And I voted for the teacher reader. My mother is a retired teacher, so any chance to help out a teacher, especially one who goes so obviously out of their way to help their students is a privilege!