Autumn’s Bounty

Outfit Details:
vintage dress (hemmed shorter) – Fellsmere Inn estate sale
vintage belt – thrifted
vintage jacket – was my mom’s when she was a teen
tights – Target
Seychelles boots – courtesy of ModCloth
Ginger leather satchel – courtesy of Coach
scarf – Forever 21 (borrowed from Bobby)lipstick – MAC Dubonnet

Autumn is making a hasty exit, though it barely even made an entrance. It feels as though we were swindled out of a real Fall. The only proof I have that it existed is the amount of pumpkin treats I have consumed – and believe me, I have done my part. I used this particularly Fall-ish (we’ll just go with it) day as an excuse to wear a dress that I have had for a long time; it always makes me think of fallen leaves and apple cider.

I bought this dress several years ago at the Fellsmere Inn, a beautiful old hotel that was built back in 1904. It’s just down the street (well, dirt road) from my mom’s ranch; it is my absolute favorite place in all of Fellsmere. It no longer served as a hotel but Margaret, the owner, lived there and kept a small vintage and antique shop in part of the building. She decided to sell because she was too old to keep up the place on her own and her children had no interest in it. When the hurricanes hit that area, the inn took a heavy blow. The place was in pretty bad shape and needed a lot of repairs. I ended up buying the entire contents of her vintage collection (most of them were from her personal closet), which was in equally bad shape from the hurricanes – but we were able to salvage a good deal of it. Since then, the Fellsmere Inn has been bought and renovated and now sits completely empty. Though it’s still a pretty place, I do miss the haunting charm of its original splendor.

At least I still have some of its contents.

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  1. You remind me of woodland creature! So gorgeous and ethereal! Love your outfit but LOVE the boots even more so.

    Btw, your lipstick always looks so on point… could you possibly do a Makeup Monday on your lipstick application? Have a fabulous day <3

  2. You look really beautiful here (you always do), but your hair color and makeup just work so well with the season and the outfit. Well done m'lady!


  3. Keiko, that first shot of you is too precious! Living your hair and that dress and those boots and basically everything. You look perfect for fall (or as much of a fall as you got!). That dress has such a lovely (and sad) story behind it! You own quite the piece of history!

  4. Keiko, this is such a gorgeous dress! I love the way you've paired it with the boots/tights/scarf combo to make it feel so current and vibrant.

    These photos are really amazing — I agree with Mae Lu that they look like a photo spread!

  5. these are such pretty photographs! it still looks a lot like fall there. here we've had nothing but snow and it's been awful! i'm sure you'll get your fair share in new york soon enough.

    i love your boots too. i must check them out.
    gem xo

  6. this has to be one of my favourite outfits you have ever posted, and i love those boots so much!

    what a wonderful story to go with the dress, i hate when places i love change for the worse. however it only makes us cherish those memories we have even more. <3

  7. This picture is definitely one that makes the weather look like it's still autumn! You're right though- feels like we were cheated of the autumn season. Oh well, at least we ate lots of fall-themed treats!

  8. If only we had leaves like that in SoCal…

    I saw your little video on the Coach website. Sheeesh, how cool is that? Congratulations! And on behalf of girls everywhere, especially girls who love fashion, thanks for being eating food… and telling us about it.
    (and generally just being a healthy standard of beauty)