Makeup Monday: Dior Beauty

I was recently invited to a Dior luncheon in honor of the new beauty website launch, where I tried out some products, spoke with the experts and explored the new site. The new site does not disappoint. In addition to adding e-commerce and becoming a one-stop shop for Dior makeup, fragrance and skincare, Dior added much appreciated and highly interactive features that are worth your perusal. Both visually entertaining and informative, the new site is rich with tutorials, beauty advice, inspiration and just about anything you can think of. I almost think there is a little too much going on – I literally sat around for about two hours watching the videos, exploring the minisites and touring the House of Dior. My favorite features, in addition to the learning tools – which are incredibly helpful for general consumers – are the charming minisites of both Rouge Dior and Miss Dior Cherie.

Miss Dior Cherie
is an interactive pop up book – enough said. This also happens to be my favorite of their fragrances; it is fruity, flirty and light. Note: I’m actually allergic to J’Adore L’Or – which I discovered when my throat started tightening up. I will now stick to the fruity notes and stray from strong florals!

The Rouge Dior minisite is divided into red, pink and beige shades. Each lipstick is displayed next to the dress that inspired the hue. I settled on Star Fuchsia (a gift from the event), which is outrageously bright and fun. Next on the wish list: Junon, Elegante Pink, Diorling.

Though a longtime fan of DiorShow mascara, I have little experience with the rest of their cosmetics. I’m a consistent brand loyalist, mainly out of convenience. Since MAC’s foundations make me break out, I have been researching other brands (winter is not kind to my skin) and coincidently settled on Dior.  I was originally leaning toward the Diorskin Nude, but after sampling Diorskin Airflash, I changed my mind. It’s lightweight, didn’t cause my super sensitive skin to have a reaction and gave me just enough coverage.

I’m curious: do you have experience with Dior’s products? Any recommendations? What is worth the extra dollar, and what should be avoided? p.s. Dior is offering complimentary couture gift wrap for any purchase made on through 12/22.  Code: LUCKBLOGS2010 

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  1. I recently got a Dior make-over & I was wowed by the quality of their products. Their airflash spray on foundation is so wonderful it feels like you don't have anything on. Their eye shadows too are very lovely. I think Nordstrom counters do make-overs & yes the products are very expensive so I'd see if you could get a makeover before you buy them! Good luck! That's awesome that you got to go the launch!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  2. I haven't ever tried their shadows – I guess I've always been so happy with MAC's payoff and price. But MAC foundation irritates my skin and the Airflash was downright dreamy! It's all still a little pricey to me, but oddly I have no issue splurging on makeup. Clothing, however…I tend to be more frugal in that area. Weird!

  3. the airflash spray is fantastic. I got a makeover in Sephora last year and while I use Mark foundation now, I would love to own the spray. My mother owns a lot of the Dior lipsticks though and she doesn't go to a party without wearing them. She loves that they last a long time and she doesn't need to continue reapplying it so that might be a good addition to your makeup collection. =]

  4. Fedora Destroy says:

    I'm absolutely agree with you about Diorshow, but I have to say that I've found the Make Up For Ever's Smoky Lash what for me it's the same but considerably cheaper (20,5 Euros at Sephora). About foundations: I also have several problems with my skin, it's terribly reactive and tends to be dehydrated, I'm currently using the Make Up For Ever's Face and Body Foundation, you could try. And about Dior… I love the eyeshadow palettes, the Diorskin Nude concealer… But, for instance I have a Dior Hydra Life Creme Sorbet and I hate it, don't waste your money in Dior Skincare (or at least try a sample first). Then Dior is pretty good just in Colour and Fragances.

  5. I love their products. I wear their nude foundation and diorshow mascara and love it. I also have a blush, a bronzer, a collection of eyeshadows and a variety of lipsticks / glosses.
    The eyeshadow is great but I don't find them any better than mac or nars. I do however LOVE their lip products. Rouge dior lasts forever and the dior addict lipstick is great because it lasts a long time and is really moisturizing, which is awesome in the winter. And I'm in Canada so thats saying something!
    Dior Addict Ultra gloss is my fave lipgloss by them but dior kiss tastes awesome. I have a couple of the serum de rouge lip colors as well but they dont tend to last very long, so you need a lot of time through the day to reapply.

  6. Some of my favorites include Ultra Gloss (especially the lip polish smoothing lacquer), both the Nude and Extreme foundations, Skinshimmer in Amber Diamond and Rose Diamond, and the sculpt concealer. I prefer MAC or Stila overall for eyeshadow. Diorshow Blackout is wonderful but I try and stick to drugstore since I throw out mascara every 3-4 weeks on average.

    First comment, love your blog!

  7. rahrahsuperduper: They're on the list for not testing on animals. Also, Natalie Portman is the new face of Dior Miss Cherie and she is a prominent vegan. They even made vegan Dior shoes for her. I don't think she would ever represent their beauty line if they tested on animals.

  8. I use the Diorskin Forever Powder foundation. I like the powder so much that i am on my second compact.
    I haven't tried the eye shadows, but my friend really likes the eye shadow quints.

  9. Fedora Destroy says:

    I work for LVMH group (which includes Dior) and I can say Dior does NOT test on animals. Otherwise I wouldn't use their products.

  10. Hi Keiko (and all)!

    Sounds exciting–and like an awesome opportunity. I know not many women are made aware of the dangers of certain ingredients used in cosmetics (why?!). For me, I know I just started being concerned about this in the last year.

    Do your research. Read every ingredient that you put onto your body. Check the toxicity level of your products at places like Skin Deep and Even has a host of awesome articles on this very subject.

    Know what you're using on your body! Some of these chemicals mimic estrogen and can muddle your hormones and harm your reproductive health. Others are allergants, carcinogens, or can lead to kidney and lung problems.

    If you're going to rule out one thing make it this: any ingredient ending in "paraben." Google for more information.

    This is totally scary stuff. Of course, I don't know anything about Dior–but it's a good place to mention these harmful ingredients and encourage all women to take control of their health. Good luck!

  11. As per a previous comment – Dior doesn't test on animals. They may have in the past – because, let's face it, they're a classic brand and everyone did way back when, however they are owned by LVMH and no LVMH brand tests on animals.

    I work for Sephora, so I've been lucky enough to try a lot of Dior's products. Their foundations are absolutely to die for – I have an oily/combo skin and I lovelovelove the Diorskin Forever – it's the only longwear foundation I've found that doesn't break up on my skin. The diorskin nude is GORGEOUS on a normal/dry skin, and the airflash, of course, is great for anyone – and it never comes off, haha – I would try their skinflash primer too – it's very lightweight and gives the skin a beautiful, subtle luminescence.

    My favourite thing Dior by far though is their lipsticks. Particularly the new Rouge Dior formulation – they are amazingly pigmented (as I'm sure you saw) and they LAST – I can get through atleast half a day of work and talktalktalk and they still look fresh by my lunch break!

    I never have been that much of a fan of their mascaras, strangely enough – I do like the more recent Extase formulation, but I'm one of those people that just likes a smaller brush. Hourglass's new Film Noir mascara is my personal favourite.

    Oh! And try the Dior Addict Ultra Gloss for some 3D looking sparkle – it's incredibly moisturizing and pigmented, and it lasts and lasts.

  12. hey lady!
    i've been on an endless search for a moisturizer I can use year round and I finally found the perfect match for my mixed skin. Dior Hydra Life protective fluid with spf 15 is by far my favorite. Its light enough for the summer [when i get really oily], but also keeps me perfectly moisturized when I get dry during winter. It also has spf [+!] and won't leave your skin feeling greasy.

  13. I've used Dior for skin care and make up for the last 2-3 years and I get lots of compliments on my skin. I like the Hydralife Sorbet because it feels very soft, soothing, and smells great. The Hydralife Milk with SPF 15 is great for summer days because it's just the right amount of moisture.

    The Airflash foundation is really nice, but pretty pricey for day-to-day use. I love the Forever foundation. It matches my skin perfectly and lasts!