I don’t mean to ruin the mood…

…but here are some clearer pictures of yesterday’s outfit. They didn’t mesh well with the pictures in the post, but I felt it was necessary to waste some space/show you more of the outfit while I ponder my workload. And just in case you missed the link to the fence crossing picture, here you go:

Same outfit details:  Autumn Ambiance dress – courtesy of ModCloth
vintage blazer – thrifted
alternative apparel cardigan – courtesy of LuLu*s
scarf – Forever 21, borrowed from Bobby
hat and socks – Forever 21 (bought the hat because I’m always borrowing Bobby’s!)
Dany platforms – courtesy of Jessica Simpson Collection
ginger leather satchel – courtesy of Coach
floral lace tights – Target  p.s. To answer a few readers’ questions: We were thrifting in Long Island; this is not the city:)  

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  1. Hi, I’ve just post on my blog an article with my favorite outfits for December, you’re in, if you don’t want I can deleted the picture and off course I’ve linked to your blog. And I did a blog'roll you are in πŸ™‚ Xoxo Leah.