Pink Roses

Outfit Details:Coach bag and jacket – courtesy of Coachstudded bustier – borrowed from Kim (she got it at H&M)ruffled skirt (worn as a dress) – courtesy of Asian iCandyDKNY Cozy – courtesy of DKNY (gift from the style off)tights – Targetbow flats – Nine West (buy a half size down, they run a little big) 
I felt like a runaway princess in this outfit, like I escaped the castle by way of my bad-boy boyfriend’s motorcycle but didn’t have time to change out of my princess dress and slippers. Except I hate motorcycles and if I lived in a castle, I would never ever leave. Still, I can’t keep from twirling in skirts/dresses like this – and I’m pretty sure that’s the sole job of a princess. In my head, a princess just twirls and twirls and maybe restlessly sleeps on a stack of mattresses with a pea underneath.

Serious matters of royal duties aside, I have been enjoying changing things up with sporadic bouts of longer hemlines and flat soles. I haven’t abandoned my heels, but I’ve made an effort to be a little kinder to my feet (flats in my bag are my saving grace). After a long day of around the city in six (yes, six) inch heels, I stopped into Nine West and bought some much needed flats. Bonus: they have huge bows on the toes. Double bonus: they were super on sale at just under $22.

At that, the charade is over; I’m merely an ordinary girl. Who has ever heard of a bargain shopping princess?

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  1. I love this! I was seriously just looking at that skirt today on Asian icandy!!! Cute flats!! I may have to check those out, my current pair of black flats are slowly dying.. πŸ™

  2. wow such beautiful photos! you are so photogenic keiko!:) I totally adore that skirt, pink, ruffles… its perfect and looks so lovely on you!:) you totally look ready to run away to your castle… hehe:)

  3. That outfit is beautiful! I really love the skirt πŸ™‚ (And yes, I think that's totally what a princess does – twirls and sleeps on piles of mattresses with a pea underneath. They also sing and have a special animal friend!)

  4. before I read any of the text, my first thought of these photos was "badass princess." That's pretty much how I would categorize your entire aesthetic. Great post, I loved the tone and imagery of that first paragraph.
    I have a pair of flats with bows and they feel just that extra little bit fancier than my regular flats.

  5. Aren't you a bit cold dear?? lol. Or are you not anywhere near NYC at the moment? πŸ˜‰

    The outfit is absolutely lovely as usual. Very "Modern bad-ass princess" indeed! Long skirts seem to be a great alternative to pants in chilly weather. Will definitely consider this for future outfits. Thanks for the inspiration!