soon you’ll be much easier to capture

Outfit Details:
vintage cardigan – gift from my moModCloth dress – clothing swap, from Kimblush jacket – courtesy of LuLu*s
tights – Target
socks – Nordstrom
Seychelles Hawk Wedges – courtesy of ModCloth
vintage bag – gift from my mom (from her shop, Hourglass Consignment)
bow belt – courtesy of Darlingtonia Moccasin Company (all of her bow belts are on sale for $20 til midnight!!! I just bought one as a gift)

After two and a half agonizing weeks, I finally got my computer back! I decided to post this old outfit just because I actually can – it seems as though they were able to recover almost everything. Now that I have my pretty little MBP back in my life, I will get back to doing Makeup Mondays. It was just too difficult to get them done every week without my own computer.

It’s our first day of snow in NYC and even though they’re mere flurries, I’m ecstatic. I didn’t even see real snow until I moved to New York; it really never gets old for me. Not to mention, the American Eskimo half of Miku is positively delighted. She lives for snow!

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  1. Thank you, Vicky!

    Kayla: I have, too:/ You'd think I would get better about backing up. Scratch that, I did get better. But then I lost my adapter to my external. haha.

    rzy: Thank you! And Maura Davis…favorite.

  2. I love your outfits, they're cute,unique and whimsical, if that makes any sense!

    oh and Miku is just a cutie! My twin and I both frequently read your blog and we love how happy Miku looks in the pictures you post of her!

  3. i recently found your blog and let me just say it is absolutely lovely! i love all the photographs you post, and your dress is so beautiful. i especially love the bow at the waist!

  4. Such a pretty outfit! So feminine and sweet, I love it! The dress & jacket are just gorgeous, and I'm loving the knee socks over the dainty tights! Lovely!

  5. Keiko, I just LOVE that purse! That has to be a work of art, it is one of the most neatest purses Ive seen. Forget fancy designer bags, this one says so much! The peacock on it is so regal. Love the outfit! Im big fan of grey over the knee socks right now too. Found a pair at Marshalls for $10. Its hopefully going to snow in Boston soon!
    Lovely Leigh