We Are Vagabonds

outfit details:
Autumn Ambiance dress – courtesy of ModCloth
vintage blazer – thrifted
alternative apparel cardigan – courtesy of LuLu*s
scarf – Forever 21, borrowed from Bobby
hat and socks – Forever 21 (bought the hat because I’m always borrowing Bobby’s!)
Dany platforms – courtesy of Jessica Simpson Collection
ginger leather satchel – courtesy of Coach
floral lace tights – Target

and we are vagabonds we travel without seatbelts on
we live this close to death.
That makes us sounds so much more adventurous than we really are, or maybe I shouldn’t tell you that. There’s nothing I love more than a good adventure and I’m up for it on any day…except when it’s freezing and windy and I’m not properly dressed. In this case, we really just hopped a fence to take a few pictures. It was cold but fun and despite my poor decision to leave the panda mittens in the car, I had Bobby’s scarf to keep me warm…ish.

Sometimes I feel bad for Bobby, because I’m always stealing his clothes and accessories. Then I remember that no, I don’t feel bad because it’s his fault for being the same size as me! The only benefit of being the same size as your boyfriend is stealing his clothes. Too bad for him that I wear so many dresses, because he doesn’t benefit much from my closet. Kim and I, on the other hand – our closets have few boundaries. We’re constantly borrowing each other’s clothing and shoes, which is kind of funny since our styles are so different. Since Kim is moving back to LA, don’t be surprised if I end up wearing one of Miku’s sweaters in a future post. I can only do so much with menswear.

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  1. i noticed modcloth had a similar style on their page for that dress πŸ™‚ you must be their inspiration! i can't believe this photo is taken in brooklyn, was this taken on one of your long island trips?

  2. I love that you get to borrow Bobby's clothes. I do the same thing with my boyfriend. He has such great style and he and I are the same size (even the same SHOE size).

    This may sound totally creepy but you can really see how happy he makes you. It is so sweet!

  3. That line, "I can only do so much with menswear" is so hilarious, I almost choked on my water as I was drinking it.

    You do wear a LOT of feminine pieces, I'm surprised at all that you ever steal anything from his closet. Of course, you're the master of layering, and this is no exception, so seeing his clothing on you probably blends so seamlessly into the whole ensemble.

    I'm sorry your BFF is moving. That is hard!

    On the other hand, it does make for a very sweet goodbye post, doesn't it?

    Stay warm in the snowy weather you're going to be facing soon!

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  4. Alyson: Same shoe size?! That would be so convenient for me. I wear Bobby's shoes to walk Miku if I can't find my flats and they are huge on me. haha.

    Mae Lu: The good thing is that Kim and I are from the same town, so even when we're living in different states we see each other on the holidays and visit each other often. She's going to be in Florida while I'm there, so it doesn't seem like she's moving yet! But I'm sure we'll be visiting often:)

  5. you are such a big fall/winter inspiration, you always manage to look fabulous!

    I wish I could enjoy and indulge in my bf's wardrobe, everything is too big! Although he has worn some of my socks in laundry desperation!

  6. My boyfriend and I are the same size, too. It is pretty grand… I used to fit his pants, but then I gained like 10 pounds. Oh well!

    I'm surprised at how much I love something from the Jessica Simpson lines. I usually find her stuff tacky, but those shoes are great. I was like, "how did she hop a fence in those shoes," envisioning some chain link ordeal… after looking at the pic, it makes a lot more sense. Are you guys still in NYC? It looks so suburban!


  7. That's cute that you're the same size as Bobby. I used to be able to fit really well in my husband's clothes until he gained weight once we married haha. I could never fit in his pants though because he's shorter than me. He was really skinny and weighed less than me when I met him and now he's probably 55 pounds heavier than me. poor man. aw. Actually I don't think I would fit in anyone but one of my friend's clothes who is the same height and size as me, but we never have!

    So anyway your outfit looks lovely and you always are lovely yourself. Hooray for adventures.

  8. Hello Keiko! My name is Helena and I am from Sweden. I'm going to New York this week and I was wondering what kind of weather you should count on and therefore what's appropriate to wear. How cold is it? Thanks πŸ™‚ hug, Helena