You must be my lucky star

Outfit Details:
Tyler Moto Jacket – courtesy of Coach
tangle ballchain frame bag – borrowed from Coach
vintage slip – thrifted
80s necklace – from my mom’s shop
socks and tights – Target
Senso Tina shoes – courtesy of Solestruck
skirt – self made

I’m inadvertently taking you through a tour of the decades this week, am I not? A little 70s, a glimpse of the 90s and now a brief stint in the 80s. Maybe not quite Madonna 80s, which is such a shame because that would have been another childhood dream achieved (along with the velvet acquisition). When I was a toddler, I used to go around singing “True luh, oh bay-beh, true luh, oh bay-beh” and even dressed as her for Halloween. I was a little too young and never quite cool enough to pull off the entire look; I had to settle for the more age appropriate Punky Brewster and Debbie Gibson. It’s probably best that way; you can’t touch the original. Plus, I learned so many important lessons from Punky, like how you should never hide in the fridge.

True story.

p.s. Don’t forget to enter to win this bag – see the post below for more info!

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  1. Punky Brewster – life lesson's for all. I dressed as Punky for Halloween one year and it was one of my favorite all time costumes – the other being this year's flapper look, and a Super Troopers costume during college (I was drinking rum and coke out of a maple syrup bottle- best and worst idea ever).

    Can we now move on to the topic of how fantastic you look here? I love the entire ensemble, but mostly that dress is just so amazing!

    I'm also wondering if I need to now jump on board with the stop motion photo posts. You and clotheshorse…you little trendsetters, you!!! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the time travel!

  2. Mary: I always love Rebecca's gifs! I used to do gifs all the time, but they were mostly of me finger spelling or making weird faces. I also did a really creepy one of Bobby in a dryer. haha. Coach's flipbooks made me want to do more! But Rebecca's win.

  3. I adore this skirt. It's probably one of my favourite things i've seen you wear and the fact that you made it blows my mind.

    I can barely sew on a button. Does your skirt need a button? πŸ˜‰


  4. I loooove this look! I'm so envious of that perfect jacket and your lovely skirt. I've been keeping an eye out for a full, short green skirt for a while. Pretty!

  5. OMG the punky brewster fridge episode is epic!! It def. left an impression on me and I must have watched it every single time it was on tv along with every other punky brester episode. πŸ˜› You look fab per usual. Love the cool picture thing you did.

  6. Your skirt is so original (since you made it, of course) and fabulous! I make and wear a lot of my own clothes, but this one has inspired me to work with less traditional materials. Thanks, Keiko!
    Also, I adore your constant pairing of moto leather jackets with feminine looks. You have a style that I would classify as "edgy romantic rebel debutante" and it's one worth emulating.