Cabin Fever and Devious Kitties

Outfit Details:
vintage beret – from my mom’s shop, Hourglass Consignment
lace button up – H&M sale rack
tulle skirt – Target kid’s section, Christmas gift from my mom (same one I borrowed from Kim)
tights – Christmas gift from my mom
Seychelles boots – courtesy of ModCloth
distressed leopard print Gwen bag – courtesy of Melie Bianco
black drape cardigan – MNG Mango via JC Penney (from a gift card I won)
vintage cape – gift from my mom; she got it out of a dumpster

I fear I’m suffering from cabin fever at the moment; I have only left my immediate neighborhood twice since I returned from Florida and you’re looking at one of them. I have had a lot of sewing to catch up on and with only one properly functioning hand, it takes about three times as long to complete a garment. As a righty, I find it extraordinarily difficult to cut, hand-stitch, pin or even write out mailing labels with my left hand. It’s driving me crazy. Fortunately, Bobby has been assisting me whenever possible. Unfortunately, with his schedule and limited to no sewing knowledge, it’s practically never possible. How inconsiderate of him to have his own career and no expertise in my own field. How rude.

I was hoping to have a moment away from the frustration yesterday, when I finally had a great excuse to get out of the house for Tory Burch’s Pre-Fall presentation. Naturally, things went awry and I ended up staying home. The hot water wasn’t and still isn’t working (I can’t function/look decent without a shower) and my keys were nowhere to be found. A few hours after I had already given up and resorted to watching a couple episodes of Hoarders and subsequently tidying up the apartment, I discovered them beneath my cat Vester. I don’t know why I didn’t think to look under him in the first place. He is a rather large cat.

Do you think he was trying to hold me hostage? Kitties can be such devious little creatures. I wouldn’t put it past him to wreck the hot water heater, either. They do have a history of hating baths.

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