Don’t Let It Fade

Outfit Details:
Living Long Cardigan – courtesy of Threadsence
fringe dress – H&M
belt – thrifted
Steve Madden Caryssa pumps – originally from Nordstrom, graciously replaced by Steve Madden
Coach Devin bag – borrowed from my sis Amanda (just for the pictures – I’m lame), gift from Coachvintage spoon ring – gift from my mom

Being back in New York is bittersweet as always. I’m happy to return to Bobby and the critters, who couldn’t be happier to see me. Though I can’t imagine living in South Florida anymore, leaving my family is always difficult. It’s especially upsetting to leave the little ones – including the not so little one anymore, Tessa. Roxy still doesn’t fully understand how far away New York is from South Florida, and why she can’t spend the night at my house or have me over to babysit. And now with both Kim and Samara gone, I am a little lonely. It will be better once my stupid hand is completely healed (if you follow me on twitter, you might know I clumsily injured my hand shortly after Christmas) and I have all of my custom orders done. Then I can actually leave the apartment!

I didn’t wear one at all in Florida but now I’m trying to keep a splint on as much as possible, at the behest of little Roxy Mae, who insisted I should keep it wrapped. The other day, I woke up to Roxy trying to fashion a cast out of balloons! I’m taking her advice because the better my hand starts to feel, the more I end up reinjuring it. I forget because I can move my fingers and the pain isn’t so bad anymore, so I try to pick something up or close the car door and oops! I’m crying out in pain (and if Amanda is around, she’s doubled over in laughter). It’s not a big deal, just a nuisance since I need this hand to cut and sew. But it’s easier to give up and have a pity party for myself when I’m all alone and typing with one hand, trying to use scissors as a lefty, sewing with a splint – and my sisters aren’t there to laugh at my shortcomings and constant reinjury. Or to help me do my hair in the morning. Or open jars and lift things for me. Bobby works a lot and these gosh darn animals don’t have thumbs! Perhaps if they were polydactyls like Puppy and Pinky, they might be able to help me out a little more.

In the meantime, I am getting better at my temporary one-handedness. It only took me a few days to type this out;)

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